Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Your Rumsfeld: Full Speed... Astern?

Sorry, Bush, back again--for the third time today. Just heard the news about your Rumsfeld falling on his sword. What a drama, eh? We had all been waiting for it, and the collective sigh of relief is almost audible through the wireless media. What I'm deducing now is this: that we'll soon be seeing an approach to the problem you created in Iraq that is far more pragmatic and far less ideological. Your "Full Speed Ahead" Dick Cheney and your Rummy will, I trust, recede into the background, while you begin to listen to more rational thinkers like James Baker, Lee Hamilton and, now, Robert Gates. Even the neocons, I hear, are stepping back from neocon-ism. Past time, but these are welcome harbingers of change.

As for your news conference, well, I'm afraid I joined it only towards the end. But I did sense--and heard in the wrap-ups of the commentators--that this was a somewhat chastened Bush who appeared before the press. "I never saw him as humbled as today," said one. "This was not the feisty, combative President" we're used to seeing, agreed another. One even went so far as to suggest that you might have heard the message from the voters.

I hope so, Bush. If it's true, I know we'll be much better friends than we have been sometimes in the past. Welcome, I hope, to the real world, where the climate is already seeming to improve.

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PK said...

He's still here, Bush that is... So is the Rottweiler, maybe with a leash this time... I was thinking it would be a New Years present to have Rummy go, but we got lucky, Nancy made it plain what she thought would pull this together. Of course Dubya didn't want anyone to think it was her voice that dropped him to his knees, and so, this was HIS plan all along, to rid us of Rummy and move on. In the mean time there has been enough money grabbing to have a few set for life. This needs to be addressed, and soon. Colour me day-glow pink, I'm just giddy over all of this. Let's hope the new powers that be can pull this all together now. I wonder how Rummy's successor will handle the situation?