Wednesday, November 29, 2006

On Being Right... Or Not

Posted by PeterAtLarge

You'll forgive me, Bush, if I make another brief aside to talk to my passionate friend, whose comment on my entry yesterday I read with much interest. My response, though, is addressed as much to you, Bush, as to my reader. It's this: that it's not always about being right. It's not about having the right definitions, the right data, the right historical facts, the right side of an argument. It's not about moral rectitude. What I'm talking about is just as important as all that. I'm talking about the ability to see around the corners of my rightness, to see the cracks in its surface, to take a look at it from the flip side. It's about having the humility and the humor to take my own rightness with that proverbial pinch of salt and to realize that others, too, might just possibly have some rightness on their side even--no, especially--when I'm convinced that they're wrong. When I act or argue from the advance knowledge that I'm right, I speak out of prejudice: I pre-judge. So it's about tone. It's as much about the way I try to tell you what I mean as the rightness of my words. To take a Buddhist approach, it's about not being "attached" to my rightness. It's a matter of reminding myself, always, to have a little com- with the passion.

That's the sermon for the day, Bush. Take it with a pinch of salt. I could be wrong. But of course I don't think so.


PK said...

Thank you for this post Peter, I see parts of me in it my friend. I truly appreciate your words. Have a warm and wonder filled week...

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Sometimes, my friend, passion and shouts of anger are required to stop wars and inhumane behavior. Sometimes truth is bitter and hard to swallow. Sometimes it is hard to see that one wrong does not justify yet another wrong, less they become the final of all final solutions. And sometimes it is hard to see that ANY ideology based on racial/religious exclusion or superiority over a given territory, is not beneficial for the future of humanity and violates the spirit of American values.

Bush and my friend, let me caution yet again against those who think and act without accurate and honest information, those that use moral certitude to justify invasion and occupation of other humans or those that use doublespeak to deliberately disguise language and legitimize evil behavior.

The cracks on the surface and the ability to see around the corner ARE the forces that DID shatter the moral rectitude I felt as a lifelong Israel supporter. Only until I removed the prejudice and bigotry I had been indoctrinated with during my American public education, public news viewing, books, movies ect...did I see through the illusion of Zionism and the inhumane act it attempts to justify. Ironically enough, this education can only be described as a form of Creationism that attempts to further a given cause or ideology; rather then an honest education of international law, facts and intellectual debate about the morality of the Zionist Ideology.

I understand and am guilty of much passion but it is rather obvious where much com-passion is needed; with the poor and oppressed, the starving and helpless, the occupied and displaced.

It is not for you to ask me, to look at the other side; it is for you to allow the other side to be heard in America; so that America can stand with all humans against racist and genocidal Ideologies, regardless of their location on Earth. For this, I do thank you my friend.