Thursday, November 16, 2006

Those Auto Industry CEOs...

Posted by PeterAtLarge

Just a note from your PaL, Bush, about that session with the US auto industry giants in the Oval Office. Isn't it more than a little pathetic to see our country's corporate leaders come crying to the President for help? I mean, isn't it a bit late for that? Had they been thinking ahead some twenty years ago, they'd have the cars that we consumers want these days. Look at the exponentially growing number of Toyota Priuses you see on the city streets and in the mall parking lots. It's a phenomenon. Instead, they went hell-bent on producing their gas-guzzling SUVs and spent billions marketing them to the American consumer. Take a look at the monsters spilling over their lanes on the freeways, Bush, and dwarfing the average parking slot. Who needs them? Families of sixteen?

And while we're on the subject, had these guys no idea, twenty years ago, that the dual crisis of climate change and dwindling resource would be upon us? It seems disingenuous of them now to blame spiraling health insurance costs and pensions for their problems, and lay responsibility for their own mismanagement and lack of foresight at the door of the workers.

Still, with your knee-jerk support for corporate welfare, Bush, you welcome these guys in your White House. If only you could evince a similar concern for those who lose their jobs, or earn a bare minimum wage to keep their families alive, or live with the threat of disastrous medical costs. I'm frankly repulsed by that picture of grinning executives in their expensive suits.


Carly said...

Good one, Peter, shows some anger. Has some bite. Shows you have a pulse. Fights ulsers. Sarcasm becomes you.

If you haven't, you must see these documentaries, Netflix:

Hacking Democracy, One woman citizen, a writer, does what Dems wouldn't, and hacks corporate America and opens a can of worms, namely Diebold.

One Bright Shiny Moment, the story of Geo. McGovern (I voted for him) and his time and the Machine, amazing tale, Best Quote from film, "the United States of Amnesia", Gore Vidal

That's it today. This film also shows how Iraq is a carbon copy of Vietnam. Again Vidal, " Vietnam was about Imperial vanity. At least in Irag, their just thieves."

Carly said...

Oops. That should be 'they're'

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks, Carly. And thanks for the movie tips. Will rent. Cheers, PaL