Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Purple Finger

Checking around the blogs today, I'm hearing about so many problems with the voting machines that I won't be surprised by huge delays after today's action. Maybe we should take a leaf out of Iraq's book, Bush, and get back to the old purple finger technique. We could all come out of the booth and wiggle one for democracy. I suppose the effect though, does depend on which finger you use.

Oh, and... if you have a couple of minutes, Bush, here's a nice montage of effects for Election Day.


Anonymous said...

i'm still up and thought of you so i read the Election Day post and enjoyed it. I too did the MoveOn.org calls and am pleased now that I did it whether or not it actually made any difference. Feels good to have done SOMEthing. To those who won't vote because of mistrust in elections we can only remind them that the closer the vote the easier it is to hide any malfeasance in tallying. Always go for the landslide and the major turnout. Don't wimp OUT. Looks like many of us finally got that message and got off the couch. I can only hope this is the beginning of a new day. Let's pray for civility AND backbone in our new leaders! goodnight and good luck to us.

Fred said...

Weds am. It looks as though we have a big win in the house and a stong possiblity of taking the senate too, if the Virginia and Montana races continue to go our way. Thank you, George, for energizing our base more than your own.

PK said...

Yes, the 'Fickle Finger Of Fate Award' has been given...LOL;D!