Friday, November 17, 2006

Go Nancy: The Speaker Speaks

I didn't want to be hogging your time today, Bush, especially with you being on a trip and all, but I'm good and steamed by all this nonsense around Nancy Pelosi. From the faux storm that's blowing among the overpaid blowhards regarding her support of Rep. John Murtha and his defeat for the House Majority Leader's job, you'd think she had chucked her gavel in the village pond before she starts to pound it.

Here's the dissenting view: she did a great job. She took a stand. She lost. She accepted the loss and moved on with good grace. So there was disagreement. So there was wrangling and argument. So it wasn't tidy. But isn't that what your "democracy" is all about, Bush? Well, actually I'm pretty sure that's not quite your concept. From everything you've said and done for the past (nearly!) six years, and despite your frequent mouthing on the subject, democracy for you seems to be about authority from above, about loyalty, about hewing to the party line.

I don't happen to see it that way. What I've seen happening amongst the Democrats is healthy democracy at work, in my view, and damn the editorialists, damn the alarmist media, damn their know-it-all pundits, damn the Republicans rubbing their hands--and even those Democrats wringing theirs. Have we all been so benumbed by your "rule", Bush, that we have forgotten that this is how it's supposed to happen? Even John Murtha himself is clear about the outcome.

So good on you, Nancy, as those Aussies like to say. Don't go listening to everyone who knows so much better about everything. They full of it. Go ahead and risk being on the wrong side of the argument sometimes. Then pound your gavel and get started on what needs to be done.

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Carly said...

P: Well, they say Nancy can be pleasant, but on the inside, she's a pit bull.

Must be something to it, since she is surviving politics.

Anonymous said...

I love how there is an interesting correlation in this blog. Bush is an awesome president, I agree - Although the war in iraq is a cause of mourning and dissent :(. i think it's got something to do with that interest he owns in the oil business, his wife seems like a very nice lady indeed. altho, she owns his problems of the past like no other bumble bee on a turnflower. who the hell knows what bush and the democrats will do the next two years? can they balance their budgets?