Friday, November 03, 2006


Just a quick note today, Bush. No time. But did you happen to hear the BBC World News report last night on the world's fish? Scary stuff. It seems, according to this international team's report, that if current trends continue, the world's fish stocks will be fully depleted by the year 2048. Just another example of our modern civilization's lack of thoughtful husbandry, and what it might mean for the future of the planet--and the human beings who have lived on it for centuries. How much longer can this rapacious species itself expect to be around?


GringoWithoutBorders said...

Now this, I can agree has mostly human destruction to blame. Actually, not destruction per se but the ignorant, careless and selfish breeding of humans.

What is really funny, is the so-called environmentalist who has 3 or more children because they have caused much more lethal damage to the planet then a man who has 0-2 children and drives a Hummer.

Not sure what the % of humans that rely on seafood for protein is, but it is large.

PK said...

Gee Gringo, I have 5 children, I am an invironmentalist, and I eat fish, no red meat. Have a nice evening...

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Sorry PK, hard to be an environmentalist when ones own actions place more stress on the same environment one pretends to protect.

People say all sorts of things; it is what they DO that speaks loudest.

Ever heard of compound interest? Same thing with humans. It is utterly irresponsible in today’s world to have several children in a developed nation.

Hope you never criticize those who drive Hummers, own jets or leave the lights on because they will never use the large amount of resources you have straddled the world with, 5 children!!! Then 10-20 grandchildren then 20-80 grandchildren, then 50-200 great grand children. Earth stands no chance from the replicating human virus.

PK said...

My children are in their late 30's and early 40's. The problems of today weren't there at that time. And yes, I do criticize. I just hope your DNA stops with you, then we can start nipping that 'virus' in the bud... That way we won't have to be 'straddled' with anymore people.