Saturday, December 23, 2006

US Marines Charged with Murder

I haven't yet discovered how to get our usually faithful Blogger to break lines as I want them to be broken, Bush, when I write a poem for you. What follows is supposed to appear in short, ragged lines, not the ones you see, all justified to the left like a bunch of compliant soliders on parade. Ah, well, as they say, we can't have everything. Try to imagine what it's meant to look like as you read. It's called:


… United States
marines, indicted, charged
with the murder
of twenty-four
Iraqi civilians, in
the city
of Haditha:
unforgivable, should
their actions match
those for which they
stand indicted. Such
actions, even
in times of war, merit
harsh punishment.
And yet…
I see the face
of this one
supposed offender, so
fresh, so young,
“American” in its
of the duplicity
of the world out
there; I see
young eyes, brilliant,
of malice, eager, even,
to do right
by his buddies, by
his country,
I think, war
is it; it is
that turns this
man, this boy
into a monster.
there goes my
heart again, grieving
for our
barbaric species, that
slaughters its
young, grieving
for our state
of unenlightenment, for
the victims and
the victimizers; grieving
for the complicity
of our nation, for
my own
in this peculiar, unforgivable
insanity we call
End sum: it’s
all of us, it’s
an abomination that
we fail, time
and again, to see
how simply
it all


Archie Levine said...

It isn't war that turns them into that, it is other people.

In 1947 there was a movie made called "Don't Be a Sucker".

You can view the film online from the internet movie archive.

I don't think blogger will print the url in the message area, but I'll try. If not you can probably get there from the root, which I think will print.

The film does a pretty good job of explaining how a nation gets from point A to point Z.

Archie Levine said...

Yeah, if you go to the root and then use the search field to find "Don't be a sucker" it is the first thing that comes up.

Check it out and forward it to the conservative politician or talk show host of your choice.