Sunday, December 10, 2006

Miami Airport

I have to tell you, Bush, that this is the worst I have ever seen. Unbelievable, the lines. First to get your boarding pass at the ticketing desk, a twenty minute wait. Then to check the bags in at the x-ray area. Another twenty minutes--and we were jumped to the front of the line at one point because our time was getting short. And then security. Another twenty minutes. The whole process about an hour of waiting in line. At the security check-point, with long lines of people waiting to reach their boarding areas, they had only two of four gates open for business. Still, we all waited with remarkable calm at each stop. Conditioned, I suppose. I'm not sure who to be angrier at, though: that tiny confraternity of terrorists who started all this, the panic that dictates such stringent security against so small a prospect of actual threat, or the airport administrations and the various airlines for their remarkable inefficiency.

I had thought to have left enough time to make a full report on yesterday's art fair activities, but alas, I have no longer the time nor the head for it as I sit waiting to board. Shouldn't be too long. So I'll try to catch you up tomorrow, assuming that I'm up and about in time.

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PK said...

Ahhh, sleep in for a change... You deserve it after all this. There is so much to catch up on you may want to. What a mess. Each airport is different. The one here in Sac. is a tad better than that, but then you're talking about back east where all the action is. I threw everything, including my purse, in my luggage when I went from here to LAX. I was whisked through. Only my shoes to be taken off. There was nothing I needed, except for the bit of money I had on me for a new book to read, and a little something to munch on. The lady at the check in looked at me funny when I unzipped my luggage and took everything out of my pockets, put it in my purse, and put it in the bag, and zipped it back up. Sure did save me a lot of hastle and time:D. Well, hope you enjoyed being there, it's the trip there and back that can be daunting... Welcome home Peter.