Friday, December 15, 2006

The Art of Outrage

You're probably wondering, Bush, what has been keeping me so busy that I have had little time for you and your nefarious doings. I've been working on a project, the first part of which I hope to have completed by noon today. It's a contribution to a projected "visual radio"--as I understand it, a kind of online podcast art magazine. I'll keep you up to date with its development. My segment is to be called "The Art of Outrage", and the piece is about the artist I consider to be the master of the genre, Robbie Conal. Here's one of his recent pictures of your good self as a "Dance of Death" skeleton shitting glitter skulls. An acerbic view of your activities in the world, to be sure, but not without a certain accuracy. Here's another of his images, this time a Bush-Condi tango with Condi, I note, in ascendancy! An unkind cut, perhaps, but Conal is nothing if not barbed in his observations of the world of politics.

I trust that the artist won't mind my showing you his pictures--but you might otherwise never get the chance to see them, unless you happen to visit the fascinating Robbie Conal website. And it's not, of course, that we have a million readers.

Anyway, Bush, I thought you'd like to know what's been consuming my attention and my time. The result of all this labor, if the publisher approves of what I've done and assuming all goes well with his plans for publication and airing, will appear next month, I think. I'll let you have details about how to find it when the time comes.

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PK said...

I went over there, what a kick! I sent off the link to a friend of mine in Frisco, I think he'll like it. Hope it spreads. I've got a friend in Japan, a Canuck, who would love this site too, so I'll send it off in a bit. Hope it does great guns Peter, have a great day:D!