Friday, December 01, 2006

Controlled Chaos

Posted by Cardozo

This blogosphere amazes me, Bush. It provides a snapshot in vivid colors and wonderfully varied colloquialisms of what people are thinking, all around the world.

Today’s snapshot of America shows that life, in all of its many forms, rolls merrily along in this country despite the madness your administration has wrought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Some of my favorite bloggers are focusing on domestic issues like feminism (see skylarkd’s strident defense of public breastfeeding in Life as I Know It), while some merely dabble in political punditry while allowing themselves frequent forays (see Gone Mild’s mouth-watering education on winter ales) away from the daily life-or-death that is America’s foreign policy.

We’ve sunk into a kind of controlled chaos in relation to rising death tolls of soldiers and civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. When we talk about those crises, our voices quake with passion. We curse and spit at the television screen. (Or, like PeterAtLarge in this morning's entry, we wax incredulous at the extent of your career advancement, Bush.) But then we move on, and this is partly due to a "success" of yours. As you’ve said repeatedly, “we’re taking the fight to the terrorists abroad, so we don’t have to face them here at home.” That’s true enough for now. Even though your preventive wars have clearly bolstered anti-Americanism and put us all, ultimately, in greater peril, there has not been a successful terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.

I’m thinking maybe we are too set in our ways. Too self-absorbed, perhaps. The utter nonsense in Iraq and Afghanistan – the absolute and absolutely unnecessary horror – has ultimately failed to arouse Americans to any particular action except voting your party out of Congress. Is this all we’re made of? The Mexicans have a simple recount, and they are out in the streets marching! They’re camping out on the steps of the capitol!

I am not one to complain, having adjusted quite comfortably to our state of perpetual purposeless war. It just amazes me that the only clear sign of discontent with your administration’s gargantuan blunder are public opinion polls, editorials…and blogs.


GringoWithoutBorders said...

Cardozo, very interesting. Maybe a few items. First, in USA with high employment and extreme capitalism it tends to keep the humans going round and round chasing the next shiny new object for themselves. Whereas, in other parts of world, there is higher unemployment and more a focus on social progress or change as a community???? Thus, more community passion rather then private individual material passion?

Second, it just seems like MOST Americans could not stop working for 1 day or else they would be ruined financially or something. Yet how do these other people do it?

I'm also not sure how other countries organize such large groups and are able to communicate a message that will be trusted and followed by others? We really need to study and learn from other countries because we suck at it!

We could literally NUKE another country and I bet the majority of our country would barely notice or care for more then a few minutes and would certainly not do anything in mass protest. Maybe a million left left left wing people scattered around the country protesting, nothing more.

Sadly, it seems we RELY on our media to cause change in government policies, but does the media represent the people or even ask the people what should happen? Does the media report news or create news????? Does our media mostly listen to select special interest business/groups that will keep them in business? Certainly a reasonable reaction. Or is our country simply too spread out geographically for people to gather together in protest??

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Cardozo!

It's sad and frustrating, isn't it? We can all talk about our frustration with our governments, but do we do anything about it? Do we do all we can?

It's far too easy for us (myself included!) to just write an occasional letter or email about all of these issues that shock and offend us, and then go on with our lives, everything the same. We do have to move on, but maybe the gauge is how we change our daily lives based on it all...

Good post to get us thinking.

Cardozo said...

Daresay you've hit it on the head there at the end, about geography.

I don't blame people for their complacency. It is a huge, complicated world.

As always, it will be up to a small group of dedicated individuals to figure out how to strike the right chord and rouse people to action.

How? Ultimately, I suppose, by drawing a convincing link between compassion, dignity and individual self-interest.