Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's Christmas...!

I've decided to call a truce in my war on Christmas, Bush. Or, as you call it, cut and run. The reason is simple enough: I need a vacation. So don't count on me for too much in the next couple of weeks. I'll post if I have something urgent to say, or if something strikes my fancy. And I trust that Cardozo will make himself heard from time to time, especially next week when he takes off for a stay in Israel. Should he be able to get online with relative ease from where he's staying, I'm looking forward to some first-hand observations from that part of the troubled Middle East.

So let's encourage our readers to keep checking in from time to time, Bush, but caution them not to be disappointed if we miss a few days here and there. But we'll certainly be back in full voice after the first of the year, and awaiting with great anticipation your promised "new way forward in Iraq." I trust that the spirit of "peace and goodwill to men"--and, of course, in these enlightened days, to women and children, too--will inspire you to come up with better plans this time.


PK said...

Enjoy your off time Peter. I'll also try to drop in if I can, lots to do:D. You and your family have a very blessed holidays...

Archie Levine said...

We're in a firefight in the war on Christmas here in Roanoke, Virginia. General Bill O'Reilly, Christian Soldier has marched in and launched a major assault on our town Newspaper, the Roanoke Times.

See what happens when you take time off? We all suffer.

But if our suffering reminds us of the wounds of Christ, perhaps it is worth it.

Enjoy your vacation, Peter, but return. Please return