Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Surge

The surge?

Bad idea, Bush. Take it from one who claims absolutely no military expertise but does possess an ounce, at least, of common sense and can see disaster looming. (Take a look at Mt. Fuji in this Hokusai print! Take a look at those boats!)

Oh, and a memory. The long term memory these days is better than the short, I will admit. It's age. But the long term is all I need to remember Vietnam. The more those darned "insurgents" threatened to whup us, Bush, the more men we sent in... and the more were killed.

Result? Much the same, I think, as it would have been if we had pulled out before so many more had died.

My advice? Free for the taking. Don't let those surge supporters con you into believing their bullshit this time around. Forget the macho stuff about not looking weak. You had your strut on that aircraft carrier, the USS "Mission Accomplished." So forget about "victory." You screwed up on that possibility months or years ago. Well, technically I guess your Rumsfeld screwed it up for you but you're the boss, remember? You're the decider-in-chief.

So take the path of greater valor while you can. Be wise. Retreat. Pull our good men and women out of there. You've done everything that can be done by fighting forces and bully tactics to offer democracy to the Middle East. They're not taking, Bush. Let them fight it out between themselves. Okay, so this would never have happened if we hadn't marched in there and stirred up the hornet's nest, but that milk is spilt (oops, sorry about the mix of metaphors!)--and that frankly doesn't seem to worry you too much anyway.

So there you go. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself, if you prefer, what Jesus would say (and don't put words in his mouth, listen to his--among others, these: "Blessed are the peacemakers.") Swallow whatever is left of your pride. Admit that this war of yours is headed only for further disaster on all sides if you prosecute it. Pick up that phone and tell your Maliki the gig is up. And get us out of there, post haste. No waiting, Bush, until after Christmas. Who wants to be blown to smithereens on Christmas Day?

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PK said...

He never went to war Peter, he was too busy over here getting out of it. Consequently he will probably be sending more over there not bringing them home... But I read in TruthOut this morning that the troops are even calling for withdrawal, they want outta there! They know that there is absolutely no reason for them to be there any more. Rummy's little gig over there probably convinced them of that. The administration is all in denial, and the troops and the US people, not to mention the world, want us out. The man is in serious need of meds I think. He's almost at the point of check mate. He sends in more troops, and you may see all the fighting men of Iran, and surrounding countries over there, sent into Iraq to get rid of 'the occupiers'. This is only a victory for them, they can kill off more of our troops, more that they consider 'the infidels'. Bush is mad... he needs to be stopped! Let's hope Congress has a head for this now. Time to start E-mailing both the Congress and the Senate!

GringoWithoutBorders said...

I really think Bush wants to relax over the holidays and not have to think about this stuff.

Bush wants his vacation, especially Christmas, it’s his favorite time of year when you get presents and stuff. He is not a complicated man.

Bush is of the faith that says, "God has a plan and God instructed me to invade Iraq, thus God cannot be wrong for he is infallible".

Jesus’ LOVE is only for Christian humans, other humans get the Old Testament version of murder, torture and mayhem.

Its all in that Book.