Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Axis of...


Wait-a-Minute, Bush. (Sorry, couldn't resist it: if you're mystified, see yesterday's entry.) But did I hear you right? Was I dreaming? I thought I heard you boasting about the wonderful success of the new democracies in the Middle East, and citing Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon as the glowing examples. Having heard a few seconds of this flight of fancy on NPR--I think--I tried to find confirmation in this morning's Los Angeles Times, to no effect. So I'm wondering if I in fact made it up, if my mind deceived me as it tends to do sometimes, when I'm listening to you speak. Were you referring to that same Iraq where civil war is busting out merrily all over? Afghanistan, with the lethal resurgence of the Taliban? And Lebanon, half destroyed by Israeli (read "American") bombs and seemingly in the hands of the "terrorist" Hezbollah? Either I mnisheard what you said, or your glasses are of a still rosier hue than I had previously imagined.

But listen, Bush, I had only a brief window this morning for our usual encounter, and for some weird reason couldn't get online. Wasted a good half hour trying to persuade my computers to obey my orders, but in vain. Bottom line: I have to go. Too many others things to attend to. Try on another pair of specs today, okay?


GringoWithoutBorders said...

Why doesn't the media talk about the Dictators that USA supports?

Funny how almost all of the so-called terrorists are from countries to which we provide material support to keep dictators installed; ie Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt(25 year President!) ect.. ALL people in those countries have EVERY right to destroy USA and free their families from our dictorial control who we support with Money, Weapons, Intelligence.

Peter, you forgot one more democracy that we have undermined and helped destroy; Palestine. Not to mention the evil we have done in South America.

PK said...

Hahaha.. I leave the TV on all night, so I wake up to the news in the morning. Yeah, you heard right:D! Quite the piece of work isn't he?... Gringo, we've been supporting these guys for years, it's not a secret my friend:). Once used up in what they were wanted for, the US government turns on them like a Black Widow Spider or a Praying Mantis. We shipped arms through Israel to Iran to get our prisoners back. That was supposed to be a little secret. Bush Sr. went behind a few backs for that one. Then Reagan was Pres. the same day. Good timing huh:)? Dig deeper Gringo:D.

GringoWithoutBorders said...

PK, the sad thing is, most Americans do not know American Foreign Policy.

Iran is laughing so hard right now. They are now in the captains chair, just as we were, when we supported Iraq who violently attacked the Iranian people. Iran can just drain the USA for as long as they like. You cannot do a thing Bush. Karma is a bitch.

Iran dislike an Iraqi democracy? Thats very funny Bush, they would rather that then a Sunni Dictator!! Iran would love the ability to help the 60% Shiite population in Iraq get elected. It is you, Bush, who should be scared of democracy in the Middle East.