Saturday, September 23, 2006

Off to the Races

You may find this hard to believe, Bush, but I'm off to the races today. NASCAR, that is. Tracy, California. I have never actually been a NASCAR fan. Back in the old days, in "old Europe", as your Rummy likes to say, I used to enjoy the Formula I Grand Prix races. That was in the days of Stirling Moss, Juan Fangio, the other great drivers, whose skill and daring in the turns was breathtaking... Alas, I've forgotten even their names, for the most part. They were great motor cars, too, the old bright red Ferraris, the British racing green BRMs, always playing catchup. Ah, the good old days...

So NASCAR racing has always seemed to me a bit... well, circular. No ticky twists and bends. Just round and round, endlessly. And commercial, somehow, with garish ads pasted all over the cars and drivers. A sport for the yahoos, I have always thought, in my snooty, elitist, European way. But then I never went to a NASCAR race before, so what do I know?

You may be wondering why I should be going today. There is, in fact, a very good explanation for this mystery, but I have no time to expound on it today. Sorry, Bush, I'll have to leave you in suspense. Tomorrow, maybe, when I get back... Or perhaps you'll even have to wait until Monday. For now, I'm off to the airport in just a few minutes for the flight to Oakland. Wish me luck!


stuart said...

Nascar-watch out for the left turns

PK said...

You'll either love it or hate it:D! Personally, I love the dirt oval track racing. Enjoy, and have a great time Peter!

Dave said...

Meanwhile, on the home battle front, the Times headline reads, "Spy Agency Say Iraq War Fuels Terror." Couldn't we stencil that statement onto the foreheads of everyone who believes Dubya that the war is decreasing terrorism, that we are safer without Saddam? (I'm putting it on a T-shirt today.) We should stencil it backward so that the thick-heads could read it in the mirror every morning.

Every Intelligence Agency (all 16 of them) agrees that the Iraq war has put the U.S. into a more dangerous position than it was in before March 2003. Why does the shit-for-brains part of the populace not get that? Why do people think that opinions need not have some relation to reality?

But there is work to be done for November. needs phone callers at local offices to activate fellow members. In LA the field organizer (office in Hollywood) is Lennon Bronsema. (360) 510-5582; Spread the word about spreading the word.

Peace in our time!