Thursday, September 21, 2006

The United Nations General Assembly


What a card, that Hugo Chavez, Bush! What a cutup! I sent you that little piece yesterday thinking you'd get a good chuckle out of it. But then he gets up to address the general assembly and calls you a devil, almost to your face! And makes the sign of the cross and brings his hands together in prayer to exorcise the sulphorous aftermath of your presence at the podium.

The nerve of it! But what can you expect from an avowed Socialist, Bush, whose mentor and bosom buddy is none other than the infamous Fidel! The axis of evil must surely have reached across the Atlantic at this point--and probably now extends back across the Pacific to span the globe. The one thing that can be said for this guy, Bush, he doesn't seem to want to spend his oil money on nuclear weapons. Not yet, at least.

And then there's that other speaker at the UN podium, similarly disrespectful. I refer of course to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran. I heard some pretty nasty stuff coming out of his mouth last night in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Poisonous hatred of Israel and the Jews. He stopped short of holocaust denial, but insisted that the event itself mattered less than where it took place. If he weren't in such a position of power, you could dismiss the guy as an extremist nutcase. But he's well on his way, we're told, to having a nuclear button to push, and that's pretty damn scary. Even if he refrained from using it himself, he'd have a pretty damn big stick to shake at us, and at his neighbors; and I dread to think what might happen if he loaned out a just small piece of that technology to his terrorist buddies.

Listen, Bush, I'm willing to concede that there's something of the tinhorn dictator in both of these jackasses. Trouble is, I see something of the same in your good self. And the real trouble is that they have been handed incredible power in the world. In part it's the oil, of course. They have us, in some sense, by the balls, because we've lacked the gumption to address the fundamental problem of what you rightly called our "oil addiction." They have it, we want it. No, we need it. Which gives them terrible power.

The other part is that we have disempowered ourselves--and allowed ourselves to be further disempowered by the terrorists and the "war" against them which seems to have become our chief raison d'etre in the twenty-first century, thanks to your leadership. We left Afghanistan to the mercy of the Taliban and the Al Qaeda gang whom we failed to finish off when we had the chance, and blithely marched into the hornet's nest of the Middle East by neglecting the simmering Israel-Palestine problem and invading Iraq without forethought or planning as to the consequences. As a result, we have not only stretched our military strength beyond any credible threat to those nasty folk in countires like Iran and North Korea, we have--as your Colin Powell suggested the other day--lost the moral authority we once had as well. This is another, deeper, sadder manifestation of our disempowerment.

We have laid ourselves open to the barbs of the Ahmadinejads and Chavezes of this world--to such an extent that their excesses sound almost reasonable. It's a sorry state of affairs when the President of Venezuela gets to calls the President of the United States of America a devil from the podium of the United Nations. But as my wife Ellie points out, it's only a difference in degree in the name-calling war in which you, Bush, have also been happily indulging. It's a short step from the "evil-doers" you talk about to "El Diablo", the Evil-Doer-in-Chief.

Still, the whole thing seems to be paying off nicely for you--along with freshly reawakened memories of the 9/11 terror attacks. The headline in today's Los Angeles Times announces gains in the polls for you and your Republicans. The American electorate seems to rally to its leadership when their, er, Commander-in-Chief is being pilloried by those foreign rabble-rousers.


GringoWithoutBorders said...

These two leaders were recently elected by their citizens because of the threats by Bush and the injustices this country has supported in those two countries.

Everyday I listen to American politicians and media call others evil, or Axis of Evil, or Hitler, or Islamafacist ect.... The term Devil fits right in with Bush's speeches, attitude and actions.

Has Venezuela or Iran attacked and occupied other nations?? NO! However, I know of 2 countries that are currently killing & occupying others as I type. USA & Israel. Who is acting Evil.

Furthermore, if "Justice" applies equally to every human, then one must use INTEGRITY to enforce the same actions of so called justice and move all the people in Darfur, those who are under going a holocaust, to Israel and displace the Israelis so the poor people in Darfur can live there. Whats fair for one, MUST be fair for another. This is the foundation of JUSTICE. Otherwise, one is not using integrity or justice in their thoughts & actions.

I also watched Anderson Cooper and heard Iran's Pres say he has nothing against Jews only Zionist thoughts. He expressed no hatred for Jews, quite the opposite. He said they lived in peace in Palestine before Zionism changed things. There are Jews in Iran and American Jewish groups with Integrity have even met with Iran's Pres. and supported his criticism of Zionist Israel. Zionism does not mean Jew. Zionism is a racist IDEOLOGY.

David said...

I read on YahooNews that after the UN speech, Chavez spoke at Cooper Union, where he said that he considers himself a friend of the American people, and hopes that next time we can elect an "intelligent president."

PK said...

Gringo, your last sentence makes sense. David, Chavez has a point. I'm not too much on this name calling, all it does is inflame people. If we had any sense what so ever, we would look at Bush and just shake our heads. We are supposed to be grown adults, no one would know it to listen to the three heads of government...

michael dickey said...

We do have respect for Hugo Chavez. Someone needs to carry on the voice of Fidel against the "Yankee Immperialists" in South America. We feel
that a coalition between Cuba and Venezuela can provide the stability needed in Latin America, especially given the Venezuelan resources. Cuba is the role model for the world when it comes to education and medical care and equal distribution of income. Hugo Chavez has the power to make this happen in Venezuela and he should be given credit for his aims: pure socialism.

Mike & Diane