Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bush Bashing

As you well know, Bush, I don't normally indulge in Bush-bashing. But I couldn't resist allowing Hugo Chavez to do it for me. This is hilarious. Check it out.


GringoWithoutBorders said...

Here is an explosive situation according to the BBC (you know my feelings on Israel and why we are killing Iraqis and threatening Iran):

"The BBC has obtained evidence that Israelis have been giving military training to Kurds in northern Iraq."

"Ever since the US-led invasion of Iraq began over three years ago, Arab journalists have been speaking of Israelis operating inside the autonomous region of Kurdistan.

They said this was evidence that toppling Saddam Hussein was only the first chapter in a wider American-Israeli conspiracy to eliminate threats to their strategic interests and re-draw the map of the Middle East.

Syria and Iran, which have common borders with Kurdish areas, are believed to be the primary target."

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Just a thought:

If this is occurring, I wonder what CIA and MOSSAD are thinking? Wonder what Iran is thinking? Wonder what our brilliant Ideological Nutcase is thinking?

Could you imagine if "YOU" were the proud and noble nation of Iran? Part of the cradle of mankind as we know it today. Which has existed in that part of the world for ages, long before most nations. Iranians/Persians know their history and stature in world civilizations as a proud culture. Forget your past, think of what these human beings see today. Part of their being.

Please go to this map:
http://ww Maps/MEast.htm

Now look at what surrounds Iran; Persian Gulf sea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indian Ocean. All these places have US stone cold metal war machines or US controlled dictators surrounding you.

Who is really the aggressor here? Who publicly threatens and considers, with almost casual reference in their daily media, the desire to attack and use nuclear weapons to eliminate these horrible Arabs, Muslims, cultures of life, civilizations ect...?? Most Americans dont even know what a Persian is!! Please stop now and look at the map mentioned. Look at the West's history! Arrogant madness.

What wars has Iran seen from the West? What dictators? What injustices to the Middle East? Keep in mind the entire Middle East is similar in dimensions to the United States.

Who the blank do Americans or the West think they are? Would you accept another nation doing this to you?

Just a thought. Now I can go back to living in America where you are evil and I am righteous.

PK said...

Gringo, it's a well known fact that munitions have been going through Israel, from America, to go to Iran. That is why all those prisoners of war were released the day Reagan took office. Bush Sr. went behind the backs of many to get that done. Don't discount anything that's going on, or feel surprised. The US has it's little digits in everything that goes on. We [the US government] have been helping Iran for a long time, but the minute Bush called for a democratic way of voting, and they did, he got all huffy and said he [Bush] didn't want Mr.A. in there. Well, here is a quarter, dial 1-800-WAA-BABY, you asked for this, now you got it, so deal with it. We are probably trying to help the Kurds too, but it can't be known, and so we are paying Israel to do it for us. I know you are all about upset, but you need to dig deeper my friend to find out more. I know I got my shorts all in a bunch about some of this stuff too, but I just had to dig deeper into things to find truths I didn't know were there. There is no bottom to this pit, keep digging, you'll find that out:D.

PK said...

I loved it, it went out to all I That wasn't bashing, that was tellin' it like it is Peter :D.