Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bombs Away

I did my own share of bombing this morning, Bush. Flea bombs, that is. Even with fleas, though, I did not feel good about my action. It offended my nascent Buddhist sensibilities. But I have to say I'm not THAT Buddhist yet. I still have a flinty and unforgiving heart when it comes to fleas, particularly when they attack my George.

You may remember that George's scratching has been keeping us awake. We had wishfully believed it was allergies--they are rife at this time of year in this part of the world. But no. Fleas. We were combing him before bedtime last night and came upon a bunch of them. We drowned the ones we caught.

This morning, after a good flea bath for George, a call to the vet persuaded us that desperate means were needed, and I drove down to the local market to buy flea bombs. We set them off and left the house for a few hours, then vacuumed and dusted the carpets with a nasty white chemical powder that claims to devastate the larvae--or whatever it is that fleas use to repopulate.

So there you have it, Bush. Weapons of mass destruction on a microscopic scale.

Speaking of which--WMDs, that it--I read in this morning's papers about the test, yesterday, of your "Star Wars" missile. Apparently "successful"--though isn't it cheating a bit when you fire your own target? I mean, presumably then you know its location and its destination. No?

But what message does this send to North Korea and Iran, our current miscreants in the nuclear game? Surely none other than that we're spending billions--$43 billion, I read in one report, in the past five years--to maintain our first strike superiority. Now, given the hostility you have openly expressed to these countries since your "axis of evil" speech and your refusal to speak to them directly or to renounce any intention to attack, who can blame them for feeling threatened enough to persist in developing their offensive weapons?

Ah, well. And I see that the Pentagon is finally forced to recognize the grim state of affairs in Iraq: "Conditions that could lead to civil war exist." Really? not greatly helpful, perhaps, that the report coincides with your own new rhetorical offensive to bolster support for your war. Makes your words sound kind of hollow, wouldn't you say?


PK said...

The fleas can be awful! Where I lived before there were Eucalyptus trees, I could bring branches of leaves home to stop them... Yes:), and right after the Pentagon did that, old Dubya was hot to dispel it, as fast as he could:). There is something about Bush and Saddam's little nut case who kept saying that the Iraqis had destroyed the Americans, as they were coming around the corner there in Baghdad. I wonder if Dubya could be traced through DNA back to that guys family? I would venture the words aren't the only thing that's hollow.

denn said...

And Lee wants those problems, with her own George.
It's her thing, I won't do it!!!