Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I heard the word "victory" used several times on television news last night, with reference to the partisan vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee in favor of your Sam Alito. I hope you don't think of it as a victory, Bush. I don't, when a solid eight Democrats opposed it. In my view, the imposition of your will is not a victory. It's an act of tyranny on the part of a political majority.

Your Republicans played along, of course, attributing their own smug partisanship to the Democrats on the committee--and even threatening them with retribution for the expression of their considered opinion. Pronounced Senator Jon Ryl of Arizona: "So I say to my Democratic friends, think carefully about what is being done today. Its impact will be felt well beyond this particular nominee."

What gall! Ryl piously passes over the fact that the impact of "this particular nomineee" will be felt well beyond what was done yesterday by those of us who do not share his views. To castigate the loyal opposition with unveiled threats at this moment of "victory" for those who support your conservative agenda seems to me the height of poor winner-ship. I do believe that this whole thing was mishandled by the Democrats on the committee, but that doesn't change the fact that the country will now be saddled for years to come with another Supreme Court voice who, to judge from his record, adjudicates on the basis of views that are far to the right of where most Americans want to be and how they want to live their lives. On the threat to Roe v. Wade and the wacky theory of the unitary executive alone, the Democrats had grounds for measured opposition to the nomination.

Last time I looked, Bush, it was considered honorable, in a democracy, to dissent. And now, instead, dissent is met with threats of retaliation? You'll continue to have a hard time selling your version of freedom and democracy throughout the world when people see how we practice it ourselves.

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dennis said...

Peter: Back when Bush invaded Iraq, I thought, how the heck are they (Army) going to occupy that place!!!? About a year or more ago, I learned in a book on Goya, the John Hughes book, about how Napolean failed in Spain against a new type of war called guerrilla warfare. His magnificent army was demorlized and hacked at by Spanish locals with crude weopons, until Napolean had to leave Spain in defeat. And, apparently, he was trying to set up a democratic puppet government there!
Now, with this ballyhoo about "the thin green line", and the 'stretched thin' report just out, Rummy spinning counter info, it appears history is about to repeat itself.
Kronkite tried to tell them last week.