Sunday, January 01, 2006


So, Bush, it's January 1st again. Hard to believe how quickly the years turn. Anyway, I imagine you'll be hoping fervently for a better year than the last one. Good luck with that. If you want a single word of advice, I can offer one: LISTEN. Otherwise, my personal prize for the best thought for the New Year goes to Yoko Ono's full-page ad in today's New York Times "Week in Review." It said, simply, in the middle of an otherwise blank page, "Imagine all the people living life in peace." I know you probably think such sentiments are simplistic, Bush, but it's my judgment that you have never understood the function of imagination, let alone its power. One of the great sources of our current problems as a country, to my way of thinking, is our dreary literal-mindedness. So here's a second word of advice for you for the New Year: IMAGINE. More to follow. Meantime, have a Happy One!


PK said...

The eternal optomist in me would love to see people living life in peace. With Bush wielding a cat-o-nine it's rather difficult. I opened Truthout today to, Bush wants to strike Iran, great, and a happy new year. If the people don't stampeed the White House this time, I'm at a loss. And welcome back, you were missed. I imagine every day:). Have a great day.

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks for the welcome back, PK. I've tried to give a personal response from time to time, but the blog seems unable to enable such contact. I can only respond this way. How about letting me have your email address at Happy New Year. Cheers, PaL