Thursday, January 26, 2006


As you surely know by now, Bush, conspiracy theories don't cut much ice with me. I have particularly resisted conspiracy theories about 9/11, in part because the implications are, well, too awful to entertain. The mind leaps to the bait of the official version because it might otherwise fall into an abyss so deep, so dark, so veiled in malodorous and unfathomable layers of secrecy as to be beyond reasonable contemplation.

And yet, and yet… the doubts persist. A reader sent me the link to this website, physics911, which presents a multitude of evidence challenging the stories we have been asked to believe. At the very least, Bush, strolling through this site, you'd have to concede that there are some serious unanswered questions. I have read, and worried about, the inconsistencies at the site of the Pentagon attack: the size of the entry hole, the absence of physical evidence that could positively identify the plane as the airliner it was supposed to have been; the manner in which the World Trade Center Towers fell, more consistent with the physics of demolition than with the impact of an aircraft and those little puffs of seemingly sequenced explosions, "squibs", up the side of the North Tower; the astounding fall of Building 7; the narratives of witnesses, and so on.

After spending some time meandering around this site, I'm left with the distinctly queasy feeling that the story of 9/11 might need to be included in the lies you and your people have promulgated, Bush. It's especially discomforting to know that your lesser-known brother, Marvin, was part owner of the company "that not only provided security for both United and American Airlines, but also for the World Trade Center complex itself"; and that "Larry Silverstein, who had bought the leasing rights for the WTC complex from the NY/NJ Port Authority in May of 2001 for $200 million, […] received a $3.55 billion insurance settlement right after 9-11 [and] was suing for an additional $3.55 billion by claiming the two hits on the towers constituted two separate terrorist attacks! He stood to make $7 billion dollars on a four month investment."

I was going to talk to you about the misuse of Iraq funds, as reported in yesterday's New York Times, Bush. Or about your White House's refusal to hand over vital documents relating to the Hurricane Katrina fiasco. Guess I got side-tracked. Ah, well. Another time… Oh, and yes, breaking news: that press conference. The highlight was the dangling technology at the start. Loved it, Bush. What a laugh! As for the content, well, nice evasion, Bush. No big goofs. Keywords: "protect the American people", and "a responsibility to lead". Next up in The Bush Diaries, some thoughts about the Palestinian vote. Later, Bush.

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PK said...

One president, many years ago, put a little communique aside and the sky fell all over Pearl Harbor. He knew it was coming and did nothing to stop it. I have no doubt in my mind, at all, that this could have been another betrayal. I have thought it all along. You are one of the first to confirm my thoughts, not that I needed confirmation, contraire:), I would have continued with the thought. Vanity Fair had a write up a year or two ago on the health problems of the people in and around the towers after they fell. The government will give them no help. Truthout and Capitol Hill Blue have been writing about it of late. Very interesting reading. Beautiful day here in Northern Cal., hope your day was just as nice.