Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

So, Bush, are we outraged yet? Or is the Abramaoff story just another big yawn for the American electorate? I mean, this is just the tip of a huge, nasty iceberg, isn't it? They say that an awful lot of congressmen and others are quaking in their boots, now that their erstwhile chum is about to rat on them. What I hope we'll get is the full story, at last, of how the Republican gang got a stranglehold on the US government by bribery, graft, and influence-peddling.

Talk about vast right-wing conspiracy! Remember how our Hillary was mocked when she came up with that notion, Bush? The fact of the matter is that she was dead right, wasn't she? The conspiracy was afoot, and the plan was to subvert that wonderful democracy you talk about so much, Bush, and with such pride. The plan was to hijack all three branches of government and hold them hostage to conservative Republican interests in perpetuity. And the sad thing is that the plan has quite largely succeeded: thanks to the efforts of Tom Delay and his ilk, few congressional seats are seriously contestable these days; the Supreme Court is in danger of being packed with Thomas and Scalia clones, who'll warm their seats on the bench for decades to come; and there you sit, Bush, in the White House, thanks to the power of lobbyists, political hacks, right-wing religious zealots, electronic ballot rigging... and that same Supreme Court.

Let me say it clearly, Bush: to my way of thinking, you have no right to be there. The fact that you were never qualified to occupy that lofty office is amply proven by the unqualified incompetence with which you manage it. You were elevated to it by greedy, ruthless people who had their own interests at heart, and whose interests were guided exclusively by their hunger for money and power.

Tell me that this country is still a democracy, Bush, and I'll point to Jack Abramoff. Praise the Lord, as they say, and hallelujah! The conspiracy may finally be about to unravel. With Abramoff capitulating, who knows how many congressional staffers may soon follow suit, to save their scabby skins. I want the WHOLE TRUTH, nothing less, and I'm not the only one out here who'll be demanding it. It's past time.

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PK said...

Gosh, oh my, Hillary was right, there is a vast right-wing conspiracy!!! :):). Ahh, but the onion is being peeled. Pretty stinky in the process too. And as they are steamed in the heat, and glare, of the truth, they all go limp and opaque. A see through bunch of lie's and liar's. Put up for all to see. My only hope is that most aren't sleeping, but are wide awake to see all of this, not just hear, but listen to what is happening. A better day is coming. The sun just came out here, finally :), so I know a better day will come politically, soon.