Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Complaint... and a Compliment

Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day, Bush. I'm ashamed to say I did not register that fact until I watched the BBC news last night. But I would not wish it to pass without a mention in these pages, especially with the current situation in the Middle East. The US and the rest of the world are demanding--rightly, as I see it--that Hamas reverse its pledge to wipe Israel from the face of the map or risk the loss of the foreign financial support that has been the Palestinians' lifeline. Should that happen, I have heard, there's a strong possibility that they'll turn to Iran for the cash instead. Perfect. Your policies will have helped create a powerful trifecta of Islamic radicals--the Iraqi Shiites, a newly radicalized and nuclear-ambitious Iran, and now Hamas. So much for the democracy you're selling, Bush.

The trouble with simple-minded, black or white concepts is that they don't readily fit with the realities of the world and all too often leave you with your integrity compromised. I know you wish to be seen as a man of firm principles, but when you're heard constantly shouting those principles from the rooftops and then seen to be breaking them yourself, you end up looking like either an opportunistic con man or a bloody hypocrite. You've been loudly preaching the gospel of democracy, but practicing your support of it quite selectively. Understandably, I guess. How about Pakistan, for instance? You can imagine, can't you, what the result might be if they had democratic elections there? Instead, you find youself in very public support of a military dictator whose help you desperately need in your war on terror. So what are people to think about your principles?

I don't know about you, Bush, but it all leaves me feeling quite nostalgic for the days of Kissinger's somewhat cynical realpolitik, and I never thought to hear myself say such a thing!

I do need to compliment you, though, on a good showing in your interview last night with CBS's Bob Schieffer. The network made much of it on their national news, a teaser for more on their Sunday morning program. I can't say I actually agreed with too many of the points you made, but you did put in a strong performance. I'm a bit sad to find myself so reluctant to give you credit after finding so much fault with everything you do or say. But last night I have to say you seemed remarkably at ease. You seemed to be actually listening with every appearance of interest to your interviewer and responding to his questions. You even expressed yourself with more than passing familiarity with the English language. I was, frankly, surprised.

There, that was like pulling teeth, to put in a good word for you, Bush. But I did it, didn't I?


dennis said...

To all: There is a vrey good radio show on KPFK, Counterspin, wherein they give the news on the news and counter the spin. And you can listen and learn while doing something else. I'm listening on Satruday, at 12:30.

PK said...

There must be method in Cheney and Rummy's madness, to have Bush give these countries a spiel on democracy, so as to cause these elections, knowing that this would happen. Bush isn't intelligent enough to get that one. I'd be curious to know who they are going to throw into the ring as the next president elect. IF Bush were a man of the world, he would have never said anything to them, they are an entirely different thinking people. Kissinger:), well, that's one who was so covert it took years to bring out what he'd done. He could have you dropped at the tip of the hat, and no one would have known (at the time) it was his doing. There was a great write-up on him a couple of years back, I believe it was in Time. I'm curious as to how many prompt cards he had, or if he was wearing an earpiece at that interview. We all know he can't put a sentence together. There is something going on that we mortals don't know about yet:). This appears haphazard, but I'm starting to think something is rotten in Denmark. There is more to all of this than meets the eye. Unfortunately, now, all the governments that did have corrupt democracy, now have corrupt militants. Communism being one of them.

dennis said...

PK: He's really smart in a stupid sort of way. Like a criminal, smart at doing bad, risky, and un-worthwhile things. These old dogs go with the flow, massaging events and conditions as they present themselves. They are opportunists and nihilists.

Conspiricies exist. Thousands of them going on right now all over the world. Man is a conspiratorial animal. Works in groups like hyeenas and sharks.
When in the womb, he has a reptilian tail, which disapears. But the instinct doesn't. And of course, we know how the dinosaurs worked.
Anyone who doesn't believe in conspiracies is a fool, a victum of undue skepticism. The problem is they are so hard to detect. So when speculation flies around, some think they are smart to reject conspiracy theories altogether. This is short-sighted. One should remain open to everything unproven one way or the other. Most theories are not far-fetched, for man mostly thinks within the realm of the plausible or likely.
Many if not most, conspiracies will never surface. But they are there. Bet on it.

PeterAtLarge said...

Glad to have these thoughtful comments. It makes the writing all the more worthwhile. Thanks, PaL