Thursday, January 19, 2006

Okay, Friends...

... can I ask you a favor? You may (or may not) have read that I have a book version of "The Bush Diaries" coming out in the not-too-distant future. It will be called, of course "The Bush Diaries: Second Term, First Year, November 2004-November 2005". It's customary to include some good blurb on the back cover of these things, and rather than turning to my vast resource of celebrity friends and powerful politicians, what better than to have blurb written by actual readers? In a word, you! This is an open invitation--no, a request, really--for 2-3 lines of quotable (and preferably polite) comment to be used for that very purpose. The kind of thing that might encourage you to turn a few pages and glance at the text within. If you feel so generously inclined, please email comments to No kickbacks, I'm afraid. But I'd be truly grateful.

1 comment:

Fred Thompson said...

Possible blurb:

"I look forward to my daily encounters with THE BUSH DIARIES. It's like having a lively and provocative chat over coffee with a particularly bright and articulate friend. Blog on, Peter!"