Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Last Post


… to The Bush Diaries from PeterAtLarge. Well, maybe not a complete goodbye, but rather more of a Let’s not see quite so much of each other any more.

Here’s the thing, Bush. You have just been taking up too much of my time of late. You have been occupying too much of my mind space. I have been getting up early every morning thinking about you and what I have to say to you. I have been too anxious to get to the newspaper and the morning television news. I have been too anxious to get to my computer.

It has been a good run. I have enjoyed our daily chats. But more and more I have been finding myself predictable on virtually every issue that comes up between us. I know exactly what I’m going to say, and I’m guessing that you do, too. Truth to tell, it hasn’t been so much fun as it was when we started out, more than two years ago. And I want more time to read. I want more time to explore the intricacies of my mind, and follow where it takes me.

I know you have another two years in office. I’m all too aware, indeed, of that unpalatable fact—as is most of the rest of the nation at this point. But you, too, have become irritatingly predictable. “Stay the course” seems to have become your whole life’s purpose. And not just in Iraq. Your State of the Union speech was proof enough that you don’t have a single interesting new idea on any subject. You’re just treading water at the moment, in the desperate attempt to remain afloat for another two years.

So you’ll just have to manage without me, Bush. Well, as I say, not completely. My hope is that my colleague Cardozo will accept my offer of The Bush Diaires, which I intend to make today. He’s a bright young man, and he writes well. I trust that he can do a good job for you. If he accepts, I make the gift without strings attached. I know that he’s partial to Obama for the 2008 election: maybe he’ll want to change our daily conversations to reflect that view. Maybe he’ll bring friends in to the conversation, more voices… I don’t know. He’ll be free to do whatever he wants to.

And I hope that he’ll be open to posting a word from PeterAtLarge when the spirit moves me. Once in a while, Bush, I do have something that I need to tell you. But I don’t need the responsibility of having to talk to you every single day. I have begun to get tired to the sound of my own voice. At least in this particular forum.

To those of our faithful readers who have enjoyed this journal, I say thank you. As I say, it has been a good run for me, and I have always enjoyed your comments and responses. And to them, too, this invitation: come join me in my new venture, the new forum for my writing practice—for I would not wish to give that up with The Bush Diaries. You’ll find me meandering through my thoughts and feelings at The Buddha Diaries. It’s a fit sequel, I hope, and one which will allow me the freedom that I’m always looking for. It started yesterday.

To you, Bush, I send all the metta I can muster. That’s goodwill and compassion. As my teacher has taught me to say: May you be happy. May you find true happiness in your life. Because, as he points out, if you and others like you were to find true happiness, the world would be a better place. "

A footnote: Cardozo has, regrettably, declined. He has his own fish to fry, and rightly so. In view of this, I plan to keep these pages open for occasional addition, as when I feel the need to be back in touch. For now... well, Bush, it's fare thee well. Your PaL


Stuart said...

Best of luck, after Bush's State of the Union speech he has made himself irrevelant, merely a place holder for the next guy.
And let us be honest; he wasn't listening.

PK said...

I will still come by every day, just in case;). I was just starting to warm up to Cardozo. You are two very different people, different thoughts... It took awhile. Sorry to hear he isn't interested. I think you will find so much more in life now. As you have closed one door, another has opened, but I am glad you have chosen not to lock that door and throw away the key:). For myself, sometimes a good rant is just what I need to take it all away, other times I need my meditations. I've enjoyed your posts here Peter, logic and even compassion, with the glass half full towards Bush. Something that is a difficult thing for me to do, yet by the time I'd come away from the post, I had new thoughts at times. A gentler me, if that's possible:). I'm glad I have your book to re-read if I feel I need to cool my jets..lol ... see you at your new post, as we have something in common there too... Have a nice tomorrow Peter...