Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Art of Outrage

Posted by PeterAtLarge

I neglected to mention this earlier, Bush, but Monday of this week witnessed the launch of Artscene Visual Radio with a column by yours truly under the title "The Art of Outrage." I believe I mentioned a while ago that I had been working on the first installment, a piece about an artist I identified as "the master" of the genre, Robbie Conal. Now that piece is out, and you can listen to it online by merely clicking on the link. You'll also find some less-than-flattering images of your good self, I fear, one of them in a nice tango with your Rice. I'm working on a second program right now, which will have to sufficently account for the brevity of today's entry. Those of our readers so inclined may choose to check in on the Robbie Conal piece as an interesting alternative.

A quick note, though, to acknowledge some political changes in the air: first, the Democrats seem to be headed finally toward some kind of collective stance in opposition to your escalation of the Iraq war. And now, it seems from today's headlines, you are backing off from your domestic spying program--I suppose also as a result of the new political pressures from those Democrats. Good new on both fronts, in my opinion, though I doubt that you'll agree.

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PK said...

It's been a real good feeling to see all these things being taken care of. Yet, there is that pen that lays close at hand when those papers are delivered to Bush. He can veto or sign. Everything he has taken away from us is being reinstated little by little. I'm starting to breathe easier, sleep better. But there is so much more on the table yet, so many are just in the works. I'm keeping a good thought though... Have a nice Friday Peter.