Monday, January 22, 2007

Dangerously Delusional

Posted by PeterAtLarge

I woke in a blue funk this morning, Bush. Perhaps it was the result of a conversation I had yesterday afternoon with a couple of smart women at a party, where I found myself propounding the notion that you are not simply the puppet of an evil cabal of corporate oligarchists, but rather a dangerously delusional man who has managed to manipulate all those around him into sharing his delusions. Perhaps my argument was partly the result of having read this analysis of your personality in Truthout last week, forwarded to me by one of our readers of these pages. It's something I have been unwilling to believe because the implications are so terrifying. And yet, and yet... That Conrad cartoon I posted yesterday, the Humpty Dumpty, the cracked egg... I tremble at the thought of the dreadful power you have acquired, the damage you have already done to this nation and the world, and to the planet that we live on. I tremble at the thought of the damage that saner minds may no longer be able to prevent you from doing in the next two years... And, truthfully, I am scared for all of us.

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PK said...

You're not the only one in the boat with those oars Peter. All we can hope for is that Congress can reign him in. Even at that, he has signed so many pieces of paper that state it doesn't mater, he can do it his own way any way. His Dad takes meds for a mental problem, I'm not to sure he doesn't too. At times he gets up there on the podium and sounds normal, then there are days he just talks gibberish, other days he just stares out into nowhere and has to look at his pre-written notes. There is definitely something wrong with him. I know one thing, they try to keep him out of Washington as much as possible and out at his 'ranch'. Cheney runs that gig...