Sunday, January 21, 2007

About That Speech...

..this coming Tuesday, Bush. I'm wondering if your speechwriters have noticed that we folks out here in what we like to think is the real world are sick to death of the bullshit and the justifications. To quote a great, late songwriter, "All I want is some truth. Just gimme some truth." I, for one, do not need to hear any further pretenses about your wonderful successes in Iraq and the progress you purport to be making there. I don't want to hear about the victory you're counting on. (I also don't need to see Maliki sitting behind Laura, okay, Bush? Please? Nor the grieving parents of a dead US Marine who have been begging you not to let him have died "in vain.") I don't want any more cover-ups or excuses, and certainly no more lies. This is--or should NOT be--about rallying support once more for policies that have already proved a failure. This is--or should NOT be--yet another sales job for you and your administration. Sad to say, the American electorate has fallen for that sales job many times now, since the 2000 campaign and your subsequent "election." I, for one, am not buying any more lemons from your store.

I watched a special last night on the great cartoonist, Paul Conrad, who skewered Nixon and Reagan for the lies they told and the bill of goods they sold the American public. He's still at it, as I understand, and he has a fine target in the current successor to those worthies--your good self. Conrad was--is--a man who is possessed of a single-minded dedication to the truth, particularly in regard to such matters as war and peace and social justice. I just wish that this fine man, at eighty plus years old, had a bigger bullhorn than he has these days. He needs a fearless editorial page--one that's willing to speak the truth without compromise. We need that kind of incisive critical take on current policies and politics, and it's in regrettably short supply.

Anyway, Bush, good luck with your preparations for that speech. And remember these key words: NO MORE BULLSHIT. Thank you.

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PK said...

Difficult for a pathological lier to tell the truth. I'm hoping PBS won't be carrying Tuesdays speech, but that's probably too much to ask for. It'll be SOS just different day Peter... Have a nice Monday.