Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Won't Work

It won't work, Bush. I mean, you've tried this... how many times before? You find a friendly audience some place and go out there and make another fine speech whose logic flies in the face of reality as we know it, and everyone dutifully applauds. You did it again yesterday. You reiterated the fantasy that the Iraqi military and police will soon be ready to take on the task of keeping the peace in that benighted country. You mouthed the old cliches about freedom being on the march. You hinted heavily once again that the media are to blame for the mess, reporting only the bad news and ignoring the good. If not the media, then Iran, for supplying the insurgents with their weapons. It's always someone else to blame, Bush. It's never yourself, nor any of your select company of loyalists. You're all doing a wonderful job in bringing democracy to the Middle East. Well, congratulations. Just what the world needed, in its agony.

This is ridiculous, Bush. I have better things to do today than worry about you and your pathetic antics. And so, I hope, have those who take their precious time to read us. Have a good day. And try to keep the damage to a minimum.

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PK said...

As the world watches what Bush considers democracy, no wonder they want no part of it.