Friday, March 17, 2006

Green Tie

I wrote you a nice long blog today, Bush. It was about my visit to the doctor at my HMO a couple of days ago. I waxed nostalgic about memories of growing up in a world where the doctor would come to your house, on his rounds, with his black bag and his stethoscope. I mourned the change in medicine from art and practice to business and industry. I worried about access to medical attention for those who could not afford medical insurance. I wrote poetically about all those bodies at the hospital--the sick and the wounded, the fat and the thin, the young and old, and the indisputable fact that, as humans, we are all basically no more than a piece of rotting meat. And I tried to put it all in the perspective of that great lack, in our society, of a comprehensive national medical plan that would address the needs of all, including the poorest and most vulnerable.

And it all got lost. My Blogger service did the dirty on me, and swallowed the thing whole. I know better than to try to rewrite the piece: it's never as good the second time around. Besides, I don't have the time. So you'll have to settle for short shrift again today, Bush. Apologies. One thing, though: I caught a glimpse of you on the television news today in your green tie. Of course. St. Patrick's Day. And I was aware, not for the first time, of how much I'm irked by American politicians (not to mention others) who pander to a religious and cultural heritage which has nothing whatever to do with their own for the sake of... what? Votes? Popularity? Improving their numbers in the polls? Nice tie, anyway, Bush. And good luck with politics. I know you need it.

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