Saturday, March 04, 2006

Not Forgotten

A plaintive note from my hotel room in Mexico City, Bush, where I have been holed up, sick as a dog, for the past couple of days. Came down here to explore the world of art, artists, galleries and museums, and have been sick pretty much since arrival. I plan to venture forth at noon today to the Frida Kahlo museum at the Casa Azul, and to join our group for their afternoon activities. Missed the whole day yesterday--a trip out to Cuernavaca. Ah, well...

I wanted to let you know that you're not forgotten. From the delirium of my fever, I retain a few hallucinatory images fom CNN news of your visit to India and Pakistan. Cricket, eh? My former national sport. I was not impressed, I regret to say, with your bowling arm, Bush. And was that actually a cricket ball you were holding? It looked more like a tennis ball to me.

Anyway, all in all, it's good to be out of the country, don't you think? A different way of looking at the world. I just wish I were more here, here. The head whirls. I'm told that's the infection affecting the brain. More later, Bush. Though probably not much before Monday. Stay safe, out there amongst those wild fundamentalists. And have a good trip home.

A Footnote
: I was right about those balls, I discovered later, checking in to the CNN website. Tennis balls. Soft stuff. I also discovered, Bush, that while you were out there practicing your cricket skills, Pakistan's all-time cricket hero, Imram Khan, "spent Saturday confined to his home where authorities detained him to thwart his plan to lead a march to protest" your visit. Go figure.

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