Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Big Shake-Up

Ah, Bush, finally, the great shake-up in your adminstration that we've all been asking for so long! Andrew Card is out, with appropriate accolades from the boss for his great service to the country, and your former budget director, Joshua B. Bolten, is elevated to be your Chief of Staff. Well, for a Californian not unused to tremors, I'd rate this possibly a generous 1.5 on the Richter scale--with of course the possibility of greater aftershocks. We can always hope. (Hint: what about your Rumsfeld? Your Cheney?)

Okay, so the man rides a motorbike. A risk-taker, then. A man who likes adventure. And keeps a copy of "Walter the Farting Dog" on the coffee table in his office to shock visitors. Phew! The man is really working close to the edge with that one, Bush! Fart! Not a word we hear too much on the lips of the Christian right. Your evangelicals must be truly horrified.

He is, however, we are reassured to hear, another of those close old chums you like to keep around you; we can be sure that nothing too consequential of dramatic will result from this appointment. Congratulations. This, obviously, is what we all wanted to hear--those of us who have been clamoring for change at the top. A new Bush groupie. Exactly what was needed. Personally, Bush, I'm not stocking up on survival supplies while I wait for those aftershocks.


Fred said...

Whoopie! Only 1027 days to go.

PeterAtLarge said...

You're counting, Fred? Good job! Keep me informed! Cheers, PaL

PK said...