Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Adios, Bush

Well, we're both off in different directions, Bush. You, today, to India. Myself, tomorrow, to Mexico City. I fear we'll neither of us have much time for this journal. No idea what kind of online access I'll have while I'm away. I do know our hotel has a business center; what I don't know is whether there will be time for me to use it. We have a very full schedule for our few days in the city, and will be on the road from morning until night. So it may well be that you don't hear from me again until next Monday.

One thing to note before I leave: I heard the results of a New York Times/CBS poll last night, and the news for you was not good, Bush. Not at all good. Did any of your staffers have the balls to let you know that your approval ratings had dropped to the lowest ever? Not undeservedly, I have to say. Also in the New York Times a fascinating Nicholas D. Kristof column reporting on the opinion of troops on the ground in Iraq. Your people have been putting out the story for months now that it's only the evil media who don't support your war and undermine the noble efforts of the troops. Now we discover that the troops themselves are overwhelmingly opposed to our continuing presence there. A mere 23 percent of them support your "stay the course" policy. A whopping 72 percent believe we should leave within a year, and a significant 29 percent that we should pull out immediately. A different story, Bush, I think you'll agree, from the one wih which you and your Rumsfeld have been regaling us.

Anyway, listen, enough from me for now. The week ahead is clouded in uncertainty. We'll see what each day brings in terms of opportunity as well as urgency. As of this moment, I suspect you might not hear from me again before Monday--the day after the Oscars! See you then.

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