Friday, February 17, 2006

Henry Bones

This morning, Bush, I'm with the poet John Berryman and his doppelganger Henry Bones: I must confess that I am heavy bored. I'm bored with you and your Cheney and his antics. Bored with your sullen Rumsfeld and your chirpy Rice. I'm bored with the whole lot of you in your administration. I'm bored with your lies and deceptions and cover-ups. Bored with your monumental incompetence. Bored with your press secretary and his dead voice. Bored with the rest of your spin meisters and their increasingly transparent spin. Bored with the dreary, archly indignant tone of your own voice and your silly grins.

I'm bored with your Republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives, bored with their smug abuse of power and refusal to question even the least of your failures and deceptions. I'm bored with the way we Americans accept the outrage of your presidency and the bully tctics of your Republicans, and parade our ignorance and self-satisfaction and gullibility before an offended and increasingly hostile world. I'm bored with the pundits and their predictable rants, bored with the newspapers, bored with the pretty faces of the television journalists. Just plain bored.

Saddest of all, I'm bored this morning with myself. Bored with hearing my aches and gripes. Bored with our blog, Bush.

Perhaps, I tell myself--I hope--this boredom will pass before tomorrow. It's just a mood. It will float away like a cloud. For today, though, I have nothing else to say. Just too darn bored.

Anyway, as we say in California, have a good one...


PK said...

What I'd like nothing better than to learn would be what it would take to light a fire under the apathy of the average American citizen. What is it, the fact the last two elections were rigged? No one figures they can do anything anyway? Like you, I'm feeling a tad weary of it all. Like someone with PTSD. Yet the next morning I start the e-mails to House and Senate for what I want a change in, again, sign more petitions. Life goes on and on trying to make some headway. I'd sure like to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow and find this was all just a nightmare I'd conjured up in my sleep.

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks, PK. Yes, we do keep at it. Do you know John Berryman's 77 Dream Songs, by the way? A classic book of poems from the 1960s--and one which showed the way for many of us back then.

PK said...

No, but my local independent book store will be getting a visit from me this coming week, thank you for the recommendation. I read so much that any nice diversion from what I do read would be welcomed. Well, it's colder than Malicefants kiss out, and I finally need to turn on the heat, I can just see the rockets go off at PG&E. "All right another one, yea!!". lol:). So, it's off to subsidize, have a good one:).