Sunday, February 05, 2006

About That Addiction...

A big bravo to Nicholas D. Kristof, Bush, for calling your State of the Union bluff on this oil addiction thing. He points out in his New York Times column today that all your blather and vague promises for better behavior in the future amount to no more than the word of the addict who says he'll quit "tomorrow:" a good, practical part of the answer is there, in front of you, today. I think I've mentioned before that I chose already eighteen months ago to drive a hybrid car--which, incidentally, has served me very nicely, thank you, even on Southern California freeways. The car is no slouch when it comes to power, with ample get-up-and-go for acceleration and overtaking, as good as any mid-sized car I ever owned; and it's comfortable, well-appointed, and with ample space for both passengers and cargo. I've sacrificed nothing in terms of the quality of my drive. And yesterday, on a long, four-hour trip, I averaged 47.2 miles per gallon.

And even that is nothing, Bush, when compared to what can be done with existing technology, begnning right now. The "plug-in" adaptions of the Prius have already proven they can do 100 miles plus. Kristof's column explains how, for daily short-run driving, the plug-in can go for months without a single stop at the gas pump, deriving its energy from the domestic electricity supply and an extension cord. He's talking 1,000 miles on a gallon of gas. Achievable. Right now. Today.

So, Bush, if you were doing anything other than emitting more hot air the other night, take note. No need to wait for tomorrow to address this wasteful addiction of ours. Start today. Now. This minute. It takes the choosing and the will, not the technology, a good part of which is already there, awaiting your support. Instead, I note from the newspaper a couple of days ago that, shortly after bloviating eloquently (presumably for voter consumption) about ethanol and other alternative energy sources, you quietly amputate a big chunk of the budget for the very organization charged with doing the research that you touted!

I believe you know something about addiction, Bush. I understand that you're a dry drunk, an alcoholic who commendably quit on will-power alone, without the support of a twelve-step program or its equivalent. Trouble is for people such as your good self, I'm told, the denial persists. In looking for band-aids that might cover up the wound some time in the future, you're avoiding the need for readily available emergency room treatment right away: and meantime, our long-suffering, vulnerable planet is in real danger of dying as a result of our abuse.

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PK said...

Well put Peter. I still contend that he needs to make a tape of his speeches and send them out instead of Air Force 1 flying all over the country wasting fuel. It all needs to start with him. He doesn't seem too willing.