Thursday, September 29, 2005

Your Delay

I caught snatches yesterday--another day of packing, Bush, and getting ready for the big move!--of the developing drama of your Delay's indictment and (temporary?) resignation. Of course, his response was to issue angry denials and to blame the Democrats. (Didn't we talk about this tactic only yesterday?) It's my understanding that your Delay's life's mission has been to pursue a permanent Republican majority, not only in your home state of Texas but throughout the country. And to achieve this no matter what the cost, no matter with what guile or deception, no matter with what blatant abuse of power or disregard for either common decency or the views of others.

Having yourself only recently embraced the vision of spreading democracy (American-style!) throughout the world, you might now wish to put Delay right on a couple of points about the meaning of the word. Because his vision is frankly the antithesis of democracy. It is, in fact, nothing short of a totalitarian vision he pursues with such fanatical devotion. His chosen strategy--the redistricting of electoral districts to the insuperable advantage of Republican incumbents and Republican candidates--effectively deprives "the people" of the right to choose their representatives by rigging the results of elections in advance.

I'm assuming, Bush, that this tactic is something you would disparage in those countries that you wish to convert to the blessings of democracy--although we have reason to believe that the sham of an election is better, in your eyes, than no election at all, particularly when the results are those that suit your agenda and political convenience. But wouldn't your constant preaching on this subject ring a little more authentic if we could set the example here at home?

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