Thursday, September 01, 2005

Are You Okay?

I'm worried about you, Bush. Really. You're beginning to sound more and more like a robot. Your voice gets more and more distant from whatever it is they're giving you to say. Your speech sounds more and more affect-less, as though you had somehow lost your heart. And the words... I was listening to you yesterday as you spoke about the hurricane disaster on the Gulf Coast and I swear to God you were using the exact same words as those you keep using about Iraq. How difficult it is. How hard the work. How you are nonetheless convinced that we will prevail. How strong the people are. How it may take a great deal of time, but how we will all come out stronger in the end for the experience. I mean, the words were interchangeable with what you say about your war. And the tone... Indistinguishable. Where are you? Have they hidden the real Bush away somewhere, and trotted out this humanoid clone? It's scary. In haste. More later...

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Pixie said...

Come on now,

Cut the man some slack - how would YOU feel if you had to be ripped away 2 days early from your 5 week vacation? Oh the humanity!!