Sunday, September 04, 2005

Going to the Country

There's a good old tradition in the British parliamentary system, Bush, in times of crisis. You may have heard of it. It's called "going to the country." When a government screws up so badly that it loses the confidence of the governed, it goes to the country--either to reestablish trust with the people, or get booted out on its ear. Would that we had such an arrangement over here!

I say this without ill-will, Bush, though with admitted anger over the current crisis in the United States: we have come to this pitch thanks to the misguided policies and the sheer, unbelievable incompetence of you and your administration. Incredibly, you have managed to take this only surviving (I nearly wrote "former") superpower and render it patently ridiculous, oafish and, yes, seemingly powerless for the whole world to see. We're wriggling around like an overturned beetle with its legs in the air. It pains me to say it, but you have shamed your country. You have brought discord and havoc to its people. You have rashly squandered its wealth and power. (Talk about prodigal son!) You have compromised its security. If you were the CEO of any self-respecting corporation, Bush--even in today's CEO-tolerant corporate world--the board would have fired you and your hand-picked executive team long ago, before this latest travesty.

Or would have demanded your resignation. Not such a bad idea, if it brought along with it the resignations of your entire team. Which is what brought me to think about that grand old British tradition. The whole lot of you should hand in your resignations. You have lost our confidence to lead us. God knows what other challenges the next two-and-a-half years will bring, but I for one do not trust you to appoint a new Chief Justice, now that Rehnquist is gone. No matter the political crisis that would ensure, we'd all be a lot better off in this country and the world at large if you got ready to pack your bags.

So go to the country, Bush. Let the country decide. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that most of us out here in the real world would opt for a change.


Anonymous said...

Peter very well put.
As a retired Police Office living on the island of Guernsey UK I am astounded that there were no plans in place to safeguard life and property in the event of such a disaster, or if there were, they were not acted upon.
I think the comment by Jesse Jackson was very apt concerning the color of the victims and it makes one maybe understand the real situation, and the reasons for the delays.
I do think that Bush and his advisors have to go, and soon, plus
it now needs a real look at the Iraq situation, and perhaps your contry should concentrate on looking after your own problems and not others, especially since in my mind the USA and the UK invaded Iraq illegally, ie that there were weapons of mass destruction.
Brian Gaudion

PeterAtLarge said...

Brian... Good to meet you, and thanks for the comment. I've never been to the Channel Islands, but they have always held a strange attraction for me. I did watch that charming BBC series about the war days, though. Were you there at that time? Anyway, it's always good to get reaction from outside this country: a healthy persepctive for us, since it's we, on this vast continent, who tend to be "insular"! I hope you'll stay in touch from time to time, and let friends know about "The Bush Diaries." Thanks for reading. Cheers, PeterAtLarge