Friday, September 09, 2005


This doesn't look good, Bush. Not good at all. I mean, we all knew last week already that your Brown was no great shakes as an emergency relief administrator, that his previous management experience was with some horse riding academy--and that he was "let go" from that job. Now we find out, thanks to Time Magazine's diligent research, that either his resume was falsified when he got the job, or your White House people polished it up a bit to make his official bio look better. Either way, it seems clear that he got this job at FEMA as a result of being pals with the previous guy, and that they all had some cosy ties with you and your folks as fundrasers and supporters. I guess we expect some cronyism in less important jobs: after all, we scratch each others' backs in a variety of ways. But here we're talking about the man responsible for human lives, Bush. Whose incompetence and unpreparedness for the job may have caused untold misery and countless deaths! I think you owe us all an explanation for your involvement in the appointment process, or the permissiveness toward your staff that allowed a calamity of this kind to happen.

That's it for today, Bush. Back to the salt mines for me. And for you...? Well, the poll numbers continue to sink drastically. Good luck with it all.


Anonymous said...

"Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job". GWB


Anonymous said...

Did anyone out there see Rep. Ron Paul (R) Texas rip Bush on the House floor on the war? What do you think that mans life is worth now?