Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Good Doctor

So you guys triumphalized your way into power, Bush--I might more accurately say, you bullied your way into power--with a lot of bleat and blather about honesty and integrity in government. And now the rank odor of corruption is beginnng to seep through the cracks all over the place. What you really meant, it turns out, was honesty and integrity for the rest of us poor slobs. For you guys, it's the gravy train.

So let's have a little fun today with your good doctor, Frist. I know, Bush, everyone and his brother is piling on to him right now, and the familiar strategy--we've seen it a hundred times now--is, first, the protestation of innocence, and then the cry of politics as usual. Who, me? Followed in the same breath by, It's the Democrats! Now they're malinging sweet Doctor Innocent for their foul political advantage. Doctor Diagnose-from-a-distance, Doctor I-know-what's best-for you. I read today, on the net, how he's begun to lend his support to those who are promoting the inclusion of Intelligent Design in American classrooms. What a scientist, Bush, this doctor!

Anyway, the good doctor sold his home-grown stock just in time to make a bundle--with, of course, the most pious of motives. He wanted to avoid even the remotest possibility of a conflict of interest. Had no idea, of course, that he could be making money on the deal. It was all safely tucked away in a "blind" trust. Had been for years. And he even checked on the legality before he sold.

Okay, Bush, But why did you good doctor fail to see the possibility of a conflict of interest five years ago, when he was elected--and when the stock happened to be somewhat less in value? Why wait until his pig was nicely fattened before slaughtering it? Coincidence? Good fortune? As luck would have it, your Senate Majority Leader just happened to profit by a few millions on the side. Legitimately, of course.

Go tell that one to the Marines, Bush. Maybe they'll believe the "Commander-in-Chief." Maybe they'll believe in the pure motivations of your Delay, too, in his association with that arch-creep, Abramoff, and his minion in your administration, arrested last week--the one you appointed to dole out the Katrina funds, on a no-bid basis, to more friends. No matter how you dress it up, Bush, no matter how you preach it as honesty and integrity, this whole mess is beginning to stink. When you get right down to it, it's all about the money. It's all about these people taking care of themselves and their friends. You ought to be ashamed.

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dennis said...

The shame is on him whether he out be to or not. One of the most corrupt admins in history. Guys like this get in, get their money and get out.