Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stem Cell Veto

To mark the occasion of the first veto of your presidency, I've written a kind of poem, Bush. Here it is:

I'm Pro-Life

I’m pro life, Bush.

I’m pro the life of millions of people throughout the world whose lives could have been saved in the not-too-distant future by precisely the research you have just vetoed; whose hopes you have dashed;

I’m pro the life of those men and women you have sent to Iraq in your pointless continuing exercise in futility, where too many of them die;

I’m pro the life of those tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens who have already died; I'm pro the life of those innocent civilians who continue to die because you saw fit to invade their country without adequate provision for their safety once the ugly dictator was removed;

I’m pro the life of millions of human beings in sub-Saharan African nations who are dying from AIDS for lack of education and the deprivation of condoms because you, Bush, are willing to kow-tow to the moralistic views of your supposedly pro-life supporters;

I’m pro the life of those whose death sentences you signed, some with only cursory review by your Gonzales, when you were Governor of Texas; I’m pro the life of those who continue to die with your apparent approval—some of them assuredly innocent—in the death chambers of this country.

So I need to ask you, Bush: if you’re pro-life, how does it happen that the only life you seem to be pro is the life of those frozen embryos that are about to be destroyed; that have no earthly chance of life?

How does it happen that you squander so many other lives without a qualm of conscience?

I must say this: I am appalled, Bush, by the ignorance and small-mindedness with which you dismiss what your God, if He’s the least bit merciful, most surely would approve. If He’s up there in His heaven, intelligently designing things, did He not give us brains to reason with, and wonderful imaginations with which to envision better ways to heal and live our lives? Or did He give us this potential only to mock us with prohibitive laws and feeble, literal-minded leaders?

I say again, count me pro-life.


Anonymous said...

Pro life means that you value all human life, you are happy when any life is saved no matter how small. You applaud those who take the courage to save lives, and you pray for those that take them.

ALD said...

Embryonic Stem Cell Research is not pro-life. It is more accurately defined as the survival of the fittest.

It violates the inalienable rights of the embryo by transferring its right to live from it to another living creature.

You probably ask, 'What rights does an embryo have?' I answer that question with a question. "If your embryo was destroyed, would your inalienable right to live have been violated?" Only one answer can reasonable and truthful, Yes. So if your rights should be protected, why shouldn't all embryos.

From this, you should also conclude that development of embryos should not be deferred.

That raises the issue of what to do with imperfect embryos. Rightfully, they should be placed in their rightful environment to where they can naturally mature. Those, who fertilize in vitro, don't have the gumption to deal with the demands of a handicapp child, and government hasn't the sense to acknowledge that realization.

An embryo is one of us. We came from it; nature develops it; it takes force to stop it. Destroying it is just plan wrong.

PK said...

At this point I'm too pissed of at Bush to say anything rational. And so, great writing today Peter, I applaud you!!! I think the same way you do...

denn said...

i dislike fuzzy logic.

weathersby said...

I dislike fuzzy logic and bad spelling

weathersby said...

I dislike fuzzy logic and bad spelling

Anonymous said...

The "Pro Life" movement fits in perfectly w/ the Republican agenda. Every potential life is a potential soldier and a potential consumer. Once a person is born, though, they're on their own. Unless of course they're born into a rich family.

A logical extension of the Pro Life (anti-birthcontrol) movement would be a law decreeing Mandatory Sex. Sex at every opportunity. By abstaining, even for a moment, you're depriving someone of their potential life.

mom to a child with Type 1 diabetes said...

Came upon your blog and just had to post a comment on this poem.
I am pro the life of my 4 year old son who has Type 1 Diabetes, through no fault of his own his pancreas just stopped working properly at 1 year old. He has endured over 15,000 finger pricks so far and thousands of shots, he currently wears an insulin pump to survive. It is a daily 24/7 tightrope walk for all of us to just keep him alive and healthy.
Bush's veto means my son will not be cured for as long as he is President. Me thinks that if Jenna had Type 1 diabetes, Parkinsons or some other disease that could likely be cured using ESCR, then Bush would not have Veto'd the bill. He's a bastard.