Thursday, July 13, 2006

Middle East Crisis

Ominous developments

Ominous developments in the Middle East, Bush, with a new attack on Israel from the north and a furious Israeli reaction. Once in a while, I like to take another look at the map of the Middle East to remind myself just how small and vulnerable that country is, and how crowded in by countries wishing nothing better than its extinction. Given the often grim history of the Jewish diaspora--and not only in the horrific, relatively recent past, but over many centuries--their steadfast determination to survive as a nation surely comes as no suprise. Now in defensive response to attack on two fronts, north and south,(the constant rain of rockets, let's not forget, as well as the capture of their soliders,) they risk over-reacting and causing more alienation and hostility than they address. For Israel, it's a Catch-22 situation. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

For all their justifed complaints--and, no question, there are some that must rightfully be negotiated--the Palestinians subvert their cause by surrendering responsibility for their situation into the hands of hate-filled radicals who reject any solution that does not involve the one thing the Israelis can't accept: the demise of the tiny piece of territory on which they stand. Now, with two fronts of open hostilities, the fear must be that equally hostile neighbors like Syria and Iran--or their radical surrogates--will take advantage of Israel's beleaguered situation to join in the fray. In the Israeli view, I imagine, looking at it from the broader geo-political angle, they cannot afford to underestimate the threat. Hence the risk they take in responding with what the world will see as over-reaction.

All in all, it's a tragic situation--and one that might have been avoided, Bush, had you acted differently from the beginning of your tenure in the White House. I've heard it said--is this too cynical?--that your advisors saw too little gain for you to involve yourself in the peace process; and, besides, that anything Bill Clinton had tried to achieve was anathema to your administration. So the Israel-Palestinian issues got ignored. Then came 9/11 and the reasonable response in Afghanistan, followed by the unmitigated folly of the invasion of Iraq, which upset the entire Middle Eastern applecart for perhaps decades to come. This country could have used its power so differently, so much more attentively to all those involved, and so much more to the benefit of the world at large.

The Dreadful Penny

On a lighter note... No, not the "penny dreadful," Bush: the dreadful penny. I read where it costs the US Treasury 1.4 cents to manufacture and distribute this little devil. Seems like a losing deal to me. They're pretty much of a pest to carry around with you, cluttering up the pocket or the purse with their useless jangle. It's not like you could even use one in a parking meter any more...

I say, ditch the little buggers. I know there are plenty of people like myself who just leave them in the penny box on the counter anyway. So what happens to them all? Does some one take a ton of them to the bank and run them through one of those change-counting machines? Maybe your Rumsfeld could use them to make additional or more effective armor for the troops?

So couldn't we all agree to count in fives instead of ones? Though I guess that would mean that the cost of everything would jump up, not down. There must be a kill-the-penny movement somewhere on the Internet...


PK said...

Well, now that this is front page news, I wonder what Bush is doing behind the scenes? He always finds some radical little tidbit to jump into when everyone's attention is turned away from him. Penny's? Been wanting to get rid of those little neusciences You're right, they go in the little tray so I don't have to carry them around. So much is happening out there today that I turned it all off... too much for the brain today I'm afraid. You have a grand day there Peter:D!

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Funny how the occupation of a people gets put aside, the shelling of civilians on a beach (oh yes terrible mistake), the weekly killing of Palestinian people, the ghettos Palestinians are forced to live in, the 1000's of Palestinians in Israeli jails, the targeting of an elected government, the random incursions into Palestine anytime Israel wants, the razing of farmland, the building of a wall that takes land from Palestinians, the killing of 53 Lebanese civilians, the killing of dozens of Palestinians, the arrest of dozens of Palestinians Government officials from their homes, the 8 million Palestinian Refugees that are never talked about ect......

Funny how all other countries understand this except for the USA who is the only country to veto resolution after resolution to hold this criminal state to account.

Funny how the racist ideology of Zionism is never discussed.

Funny how an when an Israeli civilian dies it makes the front pages yet when a Palestinian or Lebanese civilian dies it is no big deal.

Funny how those who criticize the USA occupation of Iraq cant hold Israel to account with the same integrity.

Funny how Zionism is the same as Nazism.

Funny how peoples own racism can turn them into blind supporters of a criminal state, just like the Nazis vision of purity and peace.

For more information on the dozens of UN Resolutions Israel is in violation of just google "UN Resolutions against Israel". If this were any other racist/criminal state USA would have begged and pleaded to kill/maim/destroy this evil ideology.

GringoWithoutBorders said...

I always find the map of Israeli settlements to be interesting and totally ignored by the American media. Too bad, because the rest of the WORLD is not kept in ignorance as this country is.

Zionist Israel should be destroyed just as Nazi Germany was destroyed (for those who are ignorant, destoying Zionist Israel is not killing all Jews it is destroying or jailing the Zionist criminals who adhear to this criminal ideology). They are identical ideologies and deserve the same fate. Integrity please!!

ayechihuahua said...

Brit Tzedek Calls for US Intervention to Prevent Full-Scale Arab-Israeli War

Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, the Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace, today broadened its call for urgent and substantive US and other international diplomatic intervention to stem the tide of rapidly escalating violence, following Hezbollah's breach of the internationally recognized border between Israel and Lebanon yesterday. The United States' largest Jewish grassroots peace movement condemned Hezbollah's killing of eight Israeli soldiers on Wednesday and called for the immediate and safe return of two others who were abducted then and of Corporal Gilad Shalit, who was abducted by Hamas on June 25th.

Additionally, Diane Balser, Brit Tzedek's executive director, issued the following statement:

"Without vigilant US and international leadership, the ferocious cycle of violence in the region that we have witnessed over the past weeks, since the kidnapping of Shalit and Israel's subsequent military actions in the Gaza Strip, is in imminent danger of becoming a full-scale war that could engulf the entire region. It is incumbent on the US and the international community to act now or to risk that the year 2006 could soon bear the same historic resonance as 1967 and 1973.

As Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Welch said Tuesday in Cairo, "This is a very dangerous but important moment, when the responsibilities of all those who are sincere about finding a path toward peace will be tested."

Dwelling on questions of blame and who struck first is a dangerous distraction that ultimately does a profound disservice to those whose lives are being jeopardized and increasingly lost in this conflict.

The kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and the daily firing of rockets into Israel is unacceptable, and Israel has the right to use all legal measures to ensure the safety of its citizens. However, extreme retaliatory actions by Israel, such as bombing the only power station in Gaza and civilian targets in Lebanon, firing artillery barrages perilously close to civilians, subjecting the residents of Gaza to constant sonic booms at night, and sealing off the Gaza crossing points, are likely to exacerbate the situation, threaten the safe return of the abducted Israeli soldiers, and increase popular support for extremism by precipitating a Palestinian humanitarian crisis.

The history of this region has shown us time and again that peace will not be won through a war of attrition; for each soldier kidnapped and every military response that ensues, only loss accrues. It is time for the US and the international community to stand-up, so the increasing numbers of parties to this conflict can stand-down and can get back to the serious business of saving lives by negotiating a comprehensive, tenable resolution to this conflict."

Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, the Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace, is a national grassroots movement 34,000 strong, that educates and mobilizes American Jews in support of a negotiated two-state resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

eek said...


There is an entrenched history here. Israel's "20 of them for every one of us" military tactics are horrendous. Does that mean that the state itself should be wiped off the map? Should the US be wiped off the map for its genocide of the Native Americans? For its current policies in Iraq? What is your solution? Is it a final solution?

Your comment that destroying the state of Israel - a.k.a. "Zionist Israel" (Zionism being an ideology that supports a homeland for the Jewish people) - does not infer destroying all jews seems to ignore the complex history of Jews in the region. An equivalent number of jews fled or were expelled from neighboring arabic countries - Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Morocco, where they had resided (and often been persecuted and massacred and what-have-you) for as many as 2600 years - as palestinian refugees from the newly formed state of Israel in the late 1940's - somewhere around 700-800,000. This is not to justify the maltreatment of Palestinians by Israel or the disproportionate military capabilities and casualties.. it is to say that this is not Germany, and it's not Nazism either, even though there is extraordinary racism on both sides.

WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION! for all of the refugees - Jewish and Palestinian?? Clearly violence is not the answer, but I ask you -What is the answer in the face of annihilation?

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Nazism also supported an expansionist’s homeland for the purity of the Aryan race. No different then Zionism. (If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, it IS a duck). Don’t substitute blind racism for facts.

Zionist Jews (along with the Christian KKK or the Muslim radicals) are simply ethnocentric/ xenophobic idiots who cannot see past their racist little noses.

All American people should not be wiped off the map but the entire Bush Administration should be jailed or destroyed for invading Iraq. If I was alive during the slaughter of the Indians/Mexicans, I hope I would have sided with them and lived among them to fight the evils imposed upon them.


1.) The Zionist Israeli Gov and any senior Zionists should be destroyed and jailed for their ongoing crimes just as Nazi Germany was destroyed and not allowed to be a political force again and the laws were changed to protect all people. The UN with military force should destroy Zionism just as the allied powers did Nazism.

2.) Israel should cease to exist as a racist state and be required to treat all inhabitants as equals.

3.) All Palestinian refugees should be allowed to return as required by International Law.

I could care less what happened to Jews over 2600 years. A lot has happened to EVERY people over 2600 years. I guess you would still be in favor of giving all USA blacks 40 acres and a mule for past crimes to their ancestors. Jews cannot keep blaming others for their racist little religious beliefs and actions towards others.

What is CURRENTLY happening is a racist/criminal state intent on perpetuating the destructive forces of racism and bigotry. This is exactly what the UN tried to forestall after WWII. There was never to be a strictly Jewish state, populations of Palestine were to be limited between existing Palestinians and LIMITED numbers of true Jewish refugees (not those who are cowards and scared of everything). Instead, Zionist Jews flooded into what is now described as Israel and set forth their evil ideology through terrorism. YES, BLATANT TERRORISM.

You seem to know the name of an Israeli soldier(now you seem to think that even occupational military personnel are off limits if they are jewish gods, crazy!!) that was abducted, do you know the name of the 1000's of Lebanese and Palestinians that were abducted by Israel? Do you care? Is it really true that a Palestinian is not worth the fingernail of a Jew? Why are these hateful Zionist Rabbis who spout this stuff not shown on USA TV along with their radical Muslim counterparts?

Not sure what Jewish Refugees you talk about? These zionist jews that come to Israel are of the fold that want to live in a racist state and are crazy xenophobic who are scared of their own shadow and justify their crimes of today by some twisted logic. Do you mean the annialation of Palestinians? My numbers and your numbers were off; Per the UN there are 4 million Palestinian refugees. The largest refugee population on Earth, which it sounds like you do not want to admit.

My FINAL SOLUTION (maybe drastic & idealistic) if Zionists cannot live together with others, would be to give them 6 months to leave the area and then NUKE the area so that no one can set foot there for hundreds of years. Since USA is essentially the only country that supports this racist state and has caused this crime to continue, the jews & Palestinians should be moved to USA and the USA citizens should be forced to live with these crazy racist/religious nutcases. I don’t care about religious monuments being destroyed or any of that evil divisive after-death bullsh**. The monument that should be built in their place is one that speaks of the evils of that religious crap and that this is humanity's future if we hold race or religion above humanity, a desolate wasteland of nuclear contamination. Not good for the environment but I am willing to live with this limited destruction if it serves the future.

The future resides with those of us who are a mix of races and hold no religious convictions above those of a human life. Being proud of your race or religion is utter stupidity and is the true evil of mankind. I wonder where my stupid homeland is, being a Polish, British, Atheist? Homelands are for people who are ignorant, racist, bigoted humans that cannot get along with others due to their desire to stay in an ethnocentric/xenophobic state of being. Homeland/Race/Religion, what an ignorant joke. Give a monkey tools & a vocabulary and you’ve created an evil monster to walk the earth.

Dave said...

Ah, it seems that the gringo does have borders--tight, simplistic ideological ones. Reminds me of the rants of the Weathermen back in the Sixties, trying to turn the anti-war movement into a screed of hatred and sloganeering. I might as well listen to my father-in-law rave for the hard line, militant Zionist cause. No profit in either.

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Dave, I’m just wondering what solutions an enlightened, wise sage such as yourself would devise to deal with 1.) The 4 million Palestinian refugees 2.) The current occupation/settlement building of Palestine. 3.) The different laws that apply to Semites of Muslim faith vs the Semites of Jewish faith.

Don’t be scared to take a stand. Please, let us hear your real world solution to this crisis. I’m all eyes.

eek said...


You are, in practice, calling for the obliteration of the state of Israel, no? Is that any different from Hezbollah or Hamas? Or maybe you're just confounding radical/violent Zionism with the basic definition - that is, the call for a state/nation of Jews, especially in that territory.

I get your point about people using their own persecution as an excuse to persecute others - it's a horrifying phenomenon that has a tragic way of repeating itself - as it did in the form of Nazism and as it has in Bushie's catastrophic foreign policy (we were, after all, victims of 9-11). But it absolutely does not help to trivialize the trauma of some refugees and not others. Wasn't that your very point - that Palestinian/Arabic lives are trivialized compared to those of Israeli's?

If you really are concerned with equal rights,however, then you must also be willing to look at the systematic torture and injustices wrought by the tyrannical countries in that same neighborhood against their religious and ethnic minorities and against their own people.

I don't have much time to explain my earlier numbers - I was noting that the initial exodus of Palestinians in the late 1940's was parallel to the number of Jews expelled from their long-established (ergo 2600 years)homes in neighboring countries around the same time (1940's and 50's). Not that I condone either.

I don't know what the answer is, but I can tell you it's not a Nuclear bomb. That may be the key to Armageddon, though.

GringoWithoutBorders said...

EEK, as long as the state of Israel conducts itself through racism then yes I say it should be destoyed just as Nazi Germany conducted itself through racism and was destroyed, therefore, Nazism is now illegal in Germany. The same should be done to Israel. There should be no racist state of Jews and Zionism should be illegal.

Lets take 1 thing at a time, I am talking about Israel not Saudi Arabia, iraq, Iran, ect...

Really not sure how those who support a Zionist israel can morally, ethically, or humanly justify their position without using ALL of these evil/immoral/criminal thought processes:

ZIONISM (Marrian-Webster Dictionary) noun; an international movement originally for the establishment of a Jewish national or religious community in Palestine and later for the support of modern Israel
RACISM: (Marriam-Webster Dictionary) noun; a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
ETHNOCENTRISM: (Marriam-Webster Dictionary) noun; characterized by or based on the attitude that one's own group is superior
XENOPHOBIA: (Marriam-Webster Dictionary) noun; fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything that is strange or foreign
RELIGIONISM: (My mind) noun; the belief that religion is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and the religious differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular religion.

Jewish people from around the world can move to this piece of land in a superior fasion to any other human; however, the native refugees who lived there for hundreds of years or even before 1948 cannot come back to their homes because the land is needed for the Jewish race to take superior possession of this land (their throne). In addition, the 8 million Semites of Muslim faith (or Palestinians or Arabs whatever you want to call them) must live in a territory dotted with Jewish only settlements. Finally, even the small Palestinian population that has Israeli citizenship is subject to different laws then their superior Jewish citizens.

Now some would say if Zionist Jews want a homeland where only they can reside then why should another country accept Zionist Jews or their supporters as citizens when the very country through which they support financially, ideological or spiritually will not accept other people. Logical argument. Another train of thought is to address the problem at its source (and not punish all the innocent indoctrinated zionist sympathizers), the Zionist movement that founded this racist/evil ideology or movement, which is the Zionist military that defends/perpetrates this criminal act on this particular piece of Earth. Hence the need for the United Nations to act as a Democracy for the worlds governments, whereby the US Dictorial role in the world affairs will come to an end, and a just and moral military action will be used to destroy the Zionist military and forbid this ideology to be practiced in a political forum or as a public movement. Currently the USA is acting immorally, criminally and inhumanely by protecting this evil movement or ideological train of thought. No way to justify racism, xenophobia, religionism or ethnocentricity in a positive manner.

By the way, Iraq has never attacked or threatened USA. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. FACT. Our invasion and occupation is Illegal per international law.