Saturday, July 15, 2006

From DemocracyFest, San Diego

Just taking a moment out from events here, Bush, to remind you that democracy is still alive here in the US. It's alive down here in San Diego, with several hundred progressive-minded people gathered to think about the future and, surely, to strategize about the November elections, as well as the 2008 presidential elections. Just popped out for a few minutes from a panel on electronic voting machines and their inherent dangers. Eye-opening. And good to know that there are watchful people out here, working their hearts out to make sure that in the coming elections, every person who so wishes will be assured of the right to vote; and that every vote will then be counted. An inspiring thought. And essential, as I think you will agree, to the proper functioning of democracy. No more Floridas. No more Ohios. Please. Hope you're doing fine with your pal Vlad. It seems you're not quite seeing eye to eye these days. Ah, well...

More later, Bush.


PK said...

I will sit at home and vote, and send it in. Don't know if I trust that either, but at least I know I did it. Put it in a computer, and who knows where it will wind up, either obliterated, or for the other guy... like it did last time.

AnJaka said...

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