Friday, June 09, 2006

Las Vegas

This is a kick, Bush. Truly. Imagine yourself in a room filled with a thousand liberal bloggers. Well, bloggers, superbloggers, readers, lurkers, techhies and so on. Not your usual croad of (p)sychopants, then. Smart, savvy, committed, engaged, well-informed, witty, passionate, all bursting with the energy it will take to get you off your throne and put this country back on track. I'm impressed. With people like this, I see a ray of hope for all of us.

I was thinking yesterday in the plane about the death of al-Zarqawi. I think your military guys have earned some congratulations on that achievement, Bush. Good intelligence. A precise hit. It was all over the morning news before I left, and then again at the airport, along with a smorgasboard of pundits--most of whom cast the news as a major political victory and the prelude to a much-needed jump in the polls for your good self.

I can't say I mourn the man myself. A nasty piece of work. How can you reconcile the actions of a brutal, fanatical killer of this kind with the religion he purportedly embraced?

That said, I'm not a hundred percent in agreement that this single hit will turn out to be the victory--or even the great turning point--that these pundits predict. The fear is that in cutting off the Hydra's head you've cleared the way for a hundred more to sprout. Dragon's teeth. How many more radicalized "insurgents" will this death inspire? I doubt, too, that the action will make us any more beloved in the Arab street. Or even in the Arab world at large. Zarqawi's death, we can be sure, along with that of his "spiritual adviser", will be seen by many as a martyrdom, and will serve as another call to action for those who already choose to hate us.

Of far greater--and of course less broadcast media-heralded--significance is the story in yesterday's New York Times headline: the bungled CIA strategy in Somalia and the rise of a Taliban-like cabal to power there. Our interference seems to have facilitated the creation of another fanatical religious state, a potential safe haven and training ground for the very terrorists with whom you, Bush, purport to be at war.

Ah, well. Enough for this morning. I'm off to the convention to plot the overthrow of your own fanatical religious state. Be a little bit Buddhist today, Bush. Try, if you can, at least to do no harm.


Fred said...

Have fun, Peter. I look forward to a full report when you come back.

You will be pleased to hear that I successfully placed an order for THE REAL BUSH DIARIES yesterday.

I'll ask you to sign it for me one of these days.

PK said...

Hopefully mine will be here any day now, sure am looking forward to it:). Have a great time Peter.

Anonymous said...

Yes Peter, I agree, Zarqawi's death is not going to change a thing. Only the removal of USA invaders will stop the attacks. Still not sure what Iraqi in history has ever done to America. In fact, I would say Zarqawi's death will provide a uniting factor to the insurgency against the invading USA forces. Zarqawi was a divider and even Bin Laden gave hints of displeasure, let alone many Iraqis, regarding his actions in Iraq. In fact, he rarely attacked US troops. His removal will provide a much more honorable and ethical way for ordinary Iraqis to join in the resistance against the US and the traitorous Iraqi Gov that is conspiring with an illegal invading/occupying army. Zarqawi spent too much time trying to divide Sunni/Shia, maybe now they can unite against the 3 year long invasion & occupation of their country.

However, Somalians' are not like the Taliban. Yes they are Muslim but that is where the similarities stop, they are a moderate Muslim sect like most of Africa. They should have law and moderate Sharia law is fine, all the businesses support this as it brings order (heck, maybe instead of banning gay marriage we should enforce Sharia Law and say heterosexual cheating should be illegal, makes more sense to protecting marriage):-) The US has once again fueled a terrorist program by funding, ILLEGALLY breaking a UN embargo, an aggressive militia not supported by the local population. Somalians are not fanatical they are moderate. USA media uses fear/hate when describing anything Muslim or for that matter ANY Muslim country. The real fanatics are the current leaders of USA & Israel who invade other countries.

Actually, the gay marriage issue is similar to Iraq. Bush calls 1 group evil and uses a twisted logic to develop a policy around his hateful and ignorant beliefs to erroneously attack Gays/Iraqis instead of the real problem Divorcing Heterosexuals/50 years of evil USA Middle East Policy.

Have fun in Las Vegas (Sin City)