Friday, June 16, 2006


Well, Bush, I guess we owe our good readers an apology--especially those who have recently checked in and found that nothing has changed for the past three days. It's not that we haven't been posting, it's that our posts simply haven't shown up on the blog. They've been sitting patiently in the "Edit" section waiting for us to get our technology act together enough to eliminate the block that's been standing in the way.

It's been a couple of days of intense frustration, doubly so--well, probably triply so--because we only just now came back from touting these pages to all and sundry at the big YearlyKos convention in Las Vegas. They must be thinking we're a couple of real flakes, Bush, and I for one am disappointed that we haven't been able to do better for them than this.

After much agonized searching among the various threads in the blogger's support section--and discovering that it's well nigh impossible to get through to a real, live, human technical assistant--the bottom seems to be that something has happened to make the system think we're a couple of sploggers, and not the rightful owners of this blog. So it's shutting us out, along with the wonderful entries we have been writing.

The latest: I did manage finally to find a way to send an email to the Blogger tech folks, and am--hopefully, prayerfully--awaiting their reply. I have also had my own friendly tech advisers working on the problem, vainly, to date; but the word last night was that they "might" have found an "easy fix."

Let's hope so, Bush. I don't know how the world will survive another day without us.

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PK said...

Well, at least I can post a comment now:), the only thing I could do before was get the same blog. I'd press comments and the blog would come back. Glad that glitch is gone:).