Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Eight Heads

Election Day in California, Bush. I'm headed out to do my civic duty, so I'll be brief. Just wanted to post the poem that came to me this morning as I woke. I hate all this bloody violence, which succeeds in nothing but the creation of more bloody violence. We remove Saddam Hussein (good thing) and leave the country at the mercy of intolerant religious zealots (bad thing). And the killing doesn't stop.


Eight human heads
in a fruit crate. Eight
human heads, eight heads
once human, now severed
from their bodies, discarded,
so much rotten fruit packed
in a fruit crate for disposal.
With them, tucked in, a note
of explanation: these were men
of a different sect, of different
beliefs in the same god,
suspected to have killed
doctors, the note said,
of their religious rivals.

Eight heads, then, found
in a fruit crate, wrapped
in blankets to be carried,
reverently, from the place
of their discovery. Such
are the acts of war. We saw
the pictures. We recoiled
in horror at the barbarity
of such acts of vengeance.
Recoiled, even though
our own men are reduced,
by war, to similar acts
of bloody, violent revenge.

We, the rescuers, who came
here, to this place, to save
a people from their tyrant
by acts of war. Violence
begets violence, begets
violence. And human heads
are severed, served to us
in fruit crates, while innocent
civilians, men, women, children,
beg for their lives before
the vengeful hail of bullets
from their saviors’ guns.

Such are the acts of war.


Anonymous said...

Not sure how people can say removing Saddam was a good thing, as that was the begining of all the death and terror the Iraqis are living with now. Please don't say it is better now then under Saddam that is Bush's lie. Was it right to violate International Law by aggressively invading Iraq? Is sovereignty a thing of the past? When is it right to kill tens of thousands by dropping bombs and shelling towns to remove 1 individual who would die in 10-20 years anyways (Iraq did not even have an offensive military, no jets, few tanks). Is it better to live in a dictatorship with relative daily peace in your family and job or live in a democracy with foreign troops occupying/controlling your country and safety a thing of the past? Is it better to have your head removed by a sword or an F-16 Bomb? Who really has the interest of the Iraqis, and Arabs in general, at heart? I believe Saddam wanted a strong and united Arab block whereas we want a divided and weak Arab block. Not sure how people can say our view of Arabs is better then Saddams. Both Saddam and USA believe killing the opposition is a just way to achieve their objectives. By the way, Saddam told the truth and Bush lied. From the start our actions were based on lies. Hard to defend Saddam, unless you are comparing him to American foreign policy.

denn said...

I read here remorse. That a man doesn't have political integrity because he has sex. And that sex in the white house is the voters business. !

All should remember that it was Republicans out to destroy a President that set everything in motion.

Fair Play was once important in America. The Republicans have been practicing foul play since before Nixon.

Anonymous said...

Yes Denn, much remorse. Integrity or character is usually an all encompassing quality of a man. If one disrespects their wife/marriage what respect could one have for others who they have not made a solemn pledge of honor & respect to?

I would give anything to have Clinton back in office. I guess he really did have enough love for everyone. :-)

denn said...

One shouldn't judge other peoples marriages. It's a matter between two people. Especially in the context of politics. Many brilliant leaders have had poor marriages. There is no connection, and rightly so. Republicans dug it up and expoited it in a foul manner.

Sounds like you were duped by the Republicans and Carl Rove's tactics. You and millions of others. I hope you help vote them out. The country has turned on these men. The people are not entirely stupid. But they are slow. Never trust politicians again, especially Republicans. Yes, the Clinton era was pretty smooth for America. He wasn't doing damage like this. The treasury was intact and growing. The Republican profit machine saw how they could get their hands on it. Things were so calm, the people let their guard down. The Democrats are still too divided to battle greed. VIGILANCE is of utmost importance for stability. CLARITY is needed for peace. Rigidity in logic is counter-productive. Believe 10% of what you see and 0% of what you hear.

David said...

The Republicans have been practicing foul play since before Nixon.

There were Republicans before Nixon?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Denn, they way one person treats another while in a relationship is important, is one honest, respectful, faithful ect.. This is character, FACT. If I have a choice between 2 people, I will certainly take their personal character into account. Sounds like inner issues/justifications.

Somehow I think Democrats would be the first to jump all over a Republican who did the same as Clinton, party loyalty and all.

Not duped, but lied to. Wonder if you can even admit Clinton lied???? Can’t pigeon hole me like that. Independent is who I am. Not a Republican or Bush supporter. If one thinks the Democrats are any better, one should keep this in mind, “VIGILANCE is of utmost importance for stability. CLARITY is needed for peace. Rigidity in logic is counter-productive”. I personally will not follow any group of humans over a cliff no matter what name they call themselves.

Clinton had less to do with 1990’s then the Republican controlled House & Senate who really controlled the purse strings. Please be an honest appraiser of events. We certainly don’t want to become blinded by party loyalty; Vigilance, Clarity, Rigidity and all…

Neo-Cons are what we are dealing with today. They started as Democrats, took advantage of the Republicans and will return as Democrats when needed. Opportunists could care less what name political party sheep call themselves. Ideology and Greed are not bound by a political party. “Believe 10% of what you see and 0% of what you hear” Unless one is a Democrat, right Denn. I guess Vigilance, Clarity ect. are just feel good words. INTEGRITY PLEASE!!!