Sunday, June 25, 2006

Global Warming: a Reminder

Just a quick note to be sure you check out the front page article in today's Los Angeles Times, with more bad news on global warming. Just another indication that it's no longer good enough to be sitting around talking, Bush, even assuming that you're finally halfway out of denial. This is urgent business. Let others argue the degree to which steps like increasing the fleet mileage requirements for automobile manufacturers will help: they sure are not going to hurt the environment and, God knows, they might even stick a pin in the indolent rear end of those self-protective executives and lead to some great technological innovations. There are many other steps that could be taken right now, as of tomorrow, if the political will were there. Here's your chance to make something of your presidency in its waning two years. Carpe diem, okay? (I trust you know your Latin, Bush: it means "seize the day"!)

And while we're at it, how about that gasoline tax? And putting the money into research for alternative energy sources?

Have a great Sunday.


David said...

I doubt this information will have any impact on the Decider's policies. He seems to feel that facts are lies, and his real guidance comes from, well you know who.

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Well, I must bring some sanity to this global warming debate. This is no different then Bush & Co. using misleading facts and FEAR to get people to move in THEIR self serving or ideological direction. Many of these implications; scary scenarios, fear of the future, hate of others are exactly the same forces that Bush and his supporters used to rally the herds for war.

If one looks at the historical record of Earths temperature over MILLIONS of years (not just hundreds or thousands years) there are LARGE fluctuations in temperatures; from a hot house during the dinosaurs, to the relatively moderate ice age humans are living in. Fluctuations of 18 degrees Fahrenheit occur regularly in Earths history.

Charts and statistics can be misleading, especially if you only look at short term charts instead of thinking like a planet in terms of 1,000's of MILLIONS of years. Hard to get humans to think in these large expanses of time.

Nothing will STOP the Earths temperature from changing, eventually we will have a very hot planet then we will have a very cold planet. Will always have temperature changes with or without humans. Will ALWAYS change, nothing is stagnant including you and me. We may have an impact but the temperature WILL eventually change as it always has, with or without us.

Now if you want to use scare tactics based on incomplete information, like Bush does to pursue his agenda, be my guest. Yes we need to treat our planet better but we must also be ready to ADAPT to normal planetary changes.

Heck, I'm sure Bush would not mind the old Pig Farm in Texas to be oceanfront anyway.

PeterAtLarge said...

Gringo, just in passing: the problem I have with your scenario is that it doesn't square with the vast preponderance of scientific research. Everything coming from the reputable science community seems to point to the conclusion that it is indeed human activity that is a major factor in causing global warming. Not sure what your qualifications might be to dispute those findings, but my own are admittedly negligeable. Until I hear of other reliable evidence to the contrary, I'll tend to trust the collective voice of those scientists. I dislike fear-mongering as much as you do. I just don't think that this is it. Cheers, PaL

GringoWithoutBorders said...

Peter, if you listen closely, the reputable scientists will only say "humans have an impact". Sure, everything has an impact. They admit they dont know if we are a MAJOR impact. Only the talking heads and some extreme ideologs with their own agendas use that misleading verbiage.

PLEASE I BEG YOU, review any geology book that has temperature charts from the Precambrian,Cambrian,Ordovician,Silurian, Devonian,Triassic,Jurassic,Cretacious Periods. The Earth ALWAYS changes. Nothing is stationary. To say the weather is hotter now then in the last 400 or 2000 years is simplistic in terms of planetary changes/history.

How old is the Earth? 4-6 BILLION YEARS. 1000 years is a blink of an eye and 2-3 degree changes occur regularly throughout Earths history with 18 Degree changes the more drastic. We are still in a mild Ice Age and we will get warmer. Laguna Beach used to be underwater, there is an old sandy beach on the hills behind us(700 feet above Laguna Beach) that I hike to. Heck Michigan used to be covered in ICE, I guess the Indians did something.

If you want to make the case that people need fear to change and not treat the planet as a toilet, go ahead. But admit this and dont use misleading data. Tell the whole story. The Earth will always change, long after we have died off. Just as it changed before we were here.

The continents are still moving to and at some point they will collide. Remember Pangea when their was only 1 land mass?

GringoWithoutBorders said...

(Continued) Just got back from the gym, where I talked to a retired Geologist and he just shook his head. He confirmed everything I said and said "No *reputable (*that word seems to be floating around a lot)scientist can tell you how large of an impact humans have on the weather as the weather and the planets geology is in constant change." He also brought up that the Sun will one day swallow us as it is a Super Nova and is expanding. Also discussed that paving the entire world in cement probably has as great a human impact as any fossil fuel usage or the fact that every family member wants their own home or the fact that people pro-create like rabbits (I say like a virus). There are thousands of variables that impact the Earth most of which are not human related.

We both discussed that the REAL threat to Humans is the super volcano (Calderas) that lies beneath the entire national park of Yellowstone (which erupts every 600,000 years with or without humans and would wipe USA citizens and most others around the world off the Earth, it is over due by the way 640,000 years and counting) and a dozen others around the world. Last one to erupt caused world temps. to drop by 21 degrees or an asteroid is another threat. Both of these would IMMEDIATELY alter/destroy most of human/animal life. Weather is a constant incremental change that we can adapt to over time, but other events provide no time to adapt.

Whatever happened to scaring people with "Satan", is religion not in fashion anymore or did he die of old age.

ThePete said...

perhaps this is the temperature fluctuations you were looking for:

ThePete said...

So, if the temp has rissen in the precambrian, ordovician, premian, and cretaceous stages, how is it our fault this time?

also, looking at the earth's temp history... Wouldn't the current temp be Below Average???