Monday, December 05, 2005

Teenager nation

I was sitting with friends at brunch yesterday, Bush, when one of them came up with this provocative idea, that our nation is a troubled teenager. She pointed to the 1950s at the period of the compliant child, when we all follow the rules set up by Mom and Dad without ever stopping to doubt or question them; the 1960s as the time of the raging hormones and the flowering into adolescence; and the 1980s and 1990s as the self-indulgent, me-first narcissism of the fifteen year old. Now, she argues, we’re into that nasty, aggressive self-assertion of the late teenager, where no one else’s rules apply to us and we’ll do what we damn well please, no matter what anyone says.

I know, I know, Bush. Her theory makes for a long period of infancy. By her standard, the baby steps lasted for two hundred years and the pre-teens only a decade or so. But it’s an amusing and, as I say, provocative thought. And the best part is, if her theory holds water, we can still look forward to actually growing up one of these days! Meantime, though, I hope we’ll soon be mature enough to quit acting up and move on to the college years on the world stage.

Apologies for the brevity. Monday’s not the best of days for me these days. It’s an early workout in the gym and an hour or more on the freeway, back to L.A…and then the inevitable reappraisal of what happened, or didn’t happen in our reconstruction job last week. And making lists and laying out plans for the coming one. No one will be happier, Bush, than I, once all these work folks finish their jobs and leave us to the pleasures of our new house.

See you Tuesday, Bush. I hope.


PK said... A friend sent me this the other day. I almost didn't send it to you as some would think I'm a tad radical :). But in looking at this I got a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. Everyone should remember this, and if they don't they should be made aware of it's existence. Your friend makes good points, only hope I'll still be around to see it when we become "adults." I feal for the next pres., there will be a lot to overcome that this draconian administration has saddled us with. Hopefully there will be something left to save. Here is wishing that your home will be done before the holidays. Have a great day.

dennis said...

ydcPeter: PK's message reminded me of how Americans are so deathly afraid of appearing to be radical. They often think that merely progressive ideas are radical. Radical, another word that has been demonized by our politicians, ( along with some other words such as marajuana. Hearst was responsible for that one, because of his hemp interests. Why was 'liquor' never demonized? A worse drug, but not against anyone's moneyed interests ).
Part of the reason polititians can manipulate this entire society is because people have fallen prey to the demonization of such words. It shows how they are afraid to speak up. They usually speak 'radicalism' in apologetic, hushed tones on back pages of the internet. So nobody in authority will cast an eye on them? I believe it shows how afraid of authority they are and how unimportant they regard themselves.
Too harsh a criticism? Too much a generalization? Perhaps. It's just a feeling I have when they shy away from making an unpopular point. If I am not right, why do they do it?
I am certain they have been bullied into submission by words. In a society like this one, it takes integrity and guts to stand up for what you think. Rosa Parks might be an example. Was she a "RADICAL". Heavens! If she was, what a difference brushing the notion aside made!
I wish George Carlin, an unabashed radical who can get away with it because he couches it in humor, would make a funny list of all the demonized words Americans are so petrified by.

PK said...

Guilty as charged Dennis. I have found that some of us flaming liberals aren't as open to the same as myself. They will only go so far. When it comes to putting Bush and his minions on the same page as Hitler they would choose to stop me from going to thier site. I don't want that. I totaly enjoy "The Bush Diaries" and would hate to loose some excellent reading because of my views. I also enjoy Carlin, he is a trip. And, yes, the alcohol is one for the books. And grass needs legalization. And so do gay and lesbian marrages. These people aren't hurting anyone, they just want to be happy. I do most of my action on the phone or by e-mail or letters to the Senate, House and others. And my good man, I am very important :).