Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Or Less...

It's kind of a verbal shrug, Bush. "About 30,000, more or less," I heard you say. You happened to be talking about Iraqi citizens killed in your "initial incursion" and the subsequent insurgency--or whatever we're calling it these days. "More or less" makes it sound like you don't really care too much whether it's actually "more" or "less."

Oh, well.

One thing that seems to elude you and your PR handlers is the importance of tone in conveying a message. You seem not to cotton to the fact that we humans read beyond the lines of the actual meaning of the words themselves, and "understand" a lot from the tone in which they are delivered. You, Bush--in my judgment--are basically tone deaf. And it's not only tone of voice I'm talking about. It applies equally to the "tone" of facial expression and body language. All of which, when you read your lines, say "callous," "out of touch," "arrogant," "privileged," "contemptuous."

More or less.


dennis said...

" beyond the lines of the actual meaning of the words themselves, and "understand" a lot from the tone in which they are delivered. You, Bush--in my judgment--are basically tone deaf."
Actually, Peter, He's not. Guys like him and Cheney moniter closely and are well aware of the effects they impart and where they falter in communication. I have learned that they just don't care too much about it. They know they can do some accepted approach like today's " I am resposible" speech and get away with it.
Why? Because the people either buy it or are too damn busy with themselves to deal with it. The people, just as all times in history, are too weak. As throughout history, these men have learned how to take control of gov't and the military and do whatever before any opposition can stop them. They have discovered time frames for any action, especially wrong action.
If I am correct, it is mostly the voters, and non-voters who are to blame. Hence the opinion of Europeans that Americans get what they deserve.
I think what we need is a shift in strategy from who and what the president is,,,to how to fix a government taht isn't working, and restrain these types of men. Until that is done effectively, this shit will continue, as more goofballs will be attracted to government that let's them get away with plunder.
It's a problem as old as man, but it could be fixed. But they know, as long as the price of things don't get too high, and things aren't too chaotic, the average person will continue to think, "everything is OK, life is pretty good, considering, and maybe we shouldn't rock the boat".
They are taking advantage of a dilemna. It's simple and easy to do. And they can say whatever the people are used to, in a sort of pious way, and get clean off. They don't give one damn about what history will say of them. Their consciences are salved by their own pious hypocrisy.

PK said...

Yes, well, now, about that pesky few billion that the Pentagon wants, that will add up to trillions when all's said and done? Has anyone bothered to ask how that will be repaid, or where it will come from? As I recall Bush tanked Texas with a smile as he headed to the White House. No one seemed to see or care about that. The only reason for his stupid speech this time was that Rove was loosing him poll points with his political death march for the Dems. So he used someone else to write his speechifying, after the Republicans went after him for his slander of Murtha and Kerry and McCain. You're right about most people. They are afraid they will see black suits and sun glasses standing at their front door if they try to do the right thing. He should never been elected, but after 5 years he is running a fascist administration. Now, to figure out how to get people off of their dead asses and do something about it, that will be the trick. History will be writing about the "Torture President", and also about the American people who let him get away with it. Or the "War President", the one who liked to start them, and his "Christian base" who backed him up. Yes, the big WHY in the UK papers sure got a landslide of snail and e-mail didn't it :):). Mostly begging them not to blame the one who wrote, as they didn't vote for the village idiot. I was in the mix:):). So, hopefully, I'm on a wonderful list, of many that will be smiled upon, if I ever go to the U.K.:):).

PeterAtLarge said...

Thanks, both. I appreciate the point, Dennis. They're a cynical bunch, who are not necessarily deaf, but choose not to listen to anyone but themselves(see my entry today). And you're both right about the responsibility. We can't just pass it off as "them", because them, unhappily, is us, so long as we let it all happen. So hard to know, though, how to go about making the changes that we'd like to see. The political route seems almost like a dead end, with so many congressional seats now quasi-permanently locked in, the corporate lobbyists so powerful, the media co-opted, propaganized, and controlled... Anyway, I do this little blog, and speak to good friends like you. Do make that trip to the UK, PK, while something of the old spirit of the place remains!