Thursday, December 15, 2005

Same Old Same Old

They say you're changing your tone, Bush, in your recent series of lectures to the American people, intended to buff up your tarnished image and muster support for your ill-advised adventure in Iraq. The tone, maybe. Though we talked about that yesterday, right? They also say you're conceding that mistakes were made. Well, in my book, any credible admission of past error involves a commitment to making changes to assure the error won't be compounded or repeated. And that's exactly what I haven't heard, Bush. I've heard hollow acknowledgments of responsibility. I've heard you're listening to sound advice. But I don't see any substantial change. And I don't see any of those whose bad advice you listened to before being thrown out on their ears, or new ones being brought in to replace them. I think of your Rumsfeld. Your Rice... They say that you yourself don't think you're in that famous bubble, Bush, that they keep talking about. I guess the point is, you just don't see the bubble when you're inside it. Out here, though, Bush--outside the bubble--we do see it. Listen to us. We're talking to you. The American people are talking to you. Nearly sixty percent of us, last I heard, believe that you're dead wrong with your war in Iraq. We don't believe you're bringing the blessings of democracy to the Middle East. We don't believe you have justfied the lives or the treasury you've squandered. Listen to us. We're trying to tell you something. Something important, Bush. Something urgent. And most of us are simply getting angrier that you refuse to listen, or change. That you keep feeding us the same tired lies, the same false justifications, the same rosy predictions. That you insist on your own rightness, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

So when do you start to listen to someone other than yourself, and your sycophants, and your hand-picked audiences, and your false prophets, and your ideologues, and those who have so badly misguided you in the past? When do you start to listen to the views of the rest of the people with whom we share this planet? When, Bush? When?


PK said...

If only I could see something other than disdain for the common people, I might believe him. He looked like he was about ready to chew his tongue into hamburger if he had to say one more wretched word about being wrong. He doesn't believe it, but has to say it because his poll numbers tanked. I'm also pretty sure he's gotten wind of the fact people want a recall :):), or impeachment:). It's pretty bad when your own people think you suck. Rove has rode the nag too damn long, time to hang it up and let someone who is normal, if there is one, take over. Then there are all the ex-presidents, and cronies of theirs, coming out of the woodwork to try to take the shovel away, but bless it, he just won't part with that bad boy. He sure is a sad piece of work. He's only a puppet, be nice to see the nose grow when he lies :):).

dennis said...

Friends: I have been thinking about the one factor in this huge, messy equation which is different from the past. And which might shed more light on what ails the world of late. Most of the causations at work have always existed; money, politics, and religion.
That one thing is mass media. Never before in the saying goes. And media people. What a crowd. They are to blame for epic deviation, taking human history off the edge of a cliff. Do you think Marshall McLuhan saw the depths to which mass medea, yes, the talking head covered with snakes,,,, which mass media would sink us to. It's Wag the Dog, multiplied, huge screen 1984.
You should know, that I don't enjoy this role of doom and gloom man. It's my artistic sensitivity what makes me dwell on it. Actually, I am really a hedonistic, fun-loving, romantic!
We must begin to appreciate the moving force of movies and television that have dropped the depth of human concsiousness into a deep ravine. Chinese wisdom says, do not panic, remain calm until a way out shows itself. Art is my way out.

It's Friday, Beethoven's birthday, I will be tuned to KUSC all day, for Beethoven.