Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Back in the Saddle Again

It's galling, isn't it, Bush, to watch that man take control of his own trial. Unbelievable. First the rants and raves, and now the non-appearance. And even by not being there, he manages to control the proceedings. You have to grant him, Bush, he has cojones. The man has an innate power. A tyrant whose ruthlessness and self-importance knows no limits. Even as a prisoner in the dock, he knows how to wield this quality to his advantage. He makes the rest of those around him, including the judge and the prosecutors, look puny by comparison. The power he disposes might be evil--and certainly has been turned to evil purposes--but as raw, human power, it's breathtaking.

Looking at the clips that were played back on the television news, I couldn't help but think back to Nuremberg, with the likes of Hermann Goering in the dock--arrogant, unrepentent, contemptuous, perhaps, but essentially powerless. They had a kind of pathetic look to them. They were beaten, and they knew it. This guy, though... there's something in him that refuses to admit defeat. Which is not great fot the political situation over there. The trial, surely, was intended as a kind of public exorcism for the country, and to demonstrate democratic justice at its finest. The danger now, as I see it, is that Saddam will manage to turn this intention on its head, and fix the blame, in the mninds of his Sunni supporters if not other Iraqis, back on the invader.

This thing is teetering on the edge of anothernfarcical disaster, Bush. And I don't think there's a damn thing can be done to save it. Imagine... a possible acquittal! I see a real possibility that this mass murderer could walk away from his crimes for no better reason than that his trial was hopelessly mishandled.


PK said...

I believe the reason for the Hague was to alleviate the problem of having things go wrong. As it looks, I tend to agree with you, he may get off scott free, then again, he may get assassinated before too long. Knowing our government, and their track record, that might not be too far off. Either way Saddam is making a showing, not only for himself but those who still stand beside him. He's also pointing out that all of this is US led, not in accord with their beliefs. They run their courts according to the Quran, not American law. It's going to be messy. He's starting to turn the tables, and the more he talks... We'll just have to watch and see. The worst thing would be to have Bush put in his two cents worth at this point. It would inflame these people after Saddam has said it's all about "the invaders". To see Bush sneer on TV and say something stupid, as always, wouldn't bode well, but then stopping him from that isn't possible. Even with a written speech he manages:):).

PeterAtLarge said...

As always, PK, right on. Thanks for the continuing flow of response.